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Candidates In Hiding

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on June 15, 2015


Despite the ceaseless lectures about how certain candidates for President of the Untied States are simply “inevitable” nominees, I note that neither one of the would-be frontrunners wants you to know who they are.
Take a look at their logos — the son and brother of two former presidents, and the last name got ditched for a shitload of white space, as the next iteration of Compassionate Conservative desperately realizes that his family name loses him much more than it wins.
Compare that to Hilary Rodham Clinton, who’s chief claim to the office is a nominal husband who was nominally president, a previously failed bid for nomination the last go-around, and plenty of corruption that befits the historic dignity of the office. Clinton clearly realizes that not only is her taken surname a liability, after everything else even her first name drags her down.
She’s reduced to a single capital letter with an arrow that points awkwardly off the page, as if even at the typographic level the semiotics at play illustrate that a vote for her is a vote off the cliff.
At least she had the decency to loan ole JEB the exclamation point, though clearly it’s the only thing excited about this election.


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  1. Doom said, on June 15, 2015 at 11:46

    Hmm? I’m excited about the election! Well, about the time of the election. I am hoping to be moving, in a non-trackable way, on my way to a place where it might be easier to track me, but would require a plane to get to the place to begin tracking me. And that is about when I’ll be doing it, maybe a year later if need be. So, I am excited. And I’m pretty sure, push come to shove, I can keep any plane from landing. Any type they might send, at least. *wink*

    “There’s your census, jackwagons!”, I can almost hearing me whisper as the information NAZI’s plane drops.) “Constitutional, duty, you say? Yeah, well, you should have read the rest of it, and the Bill of Rights, too!”*

    *fiction, for entertainment purposes only

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