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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on June 26, 2015

So hey, remember that super-secret trade deal that was being passed under the cover of a flood of media distractions, which was “killed” by Nancy Pelosi, and then everyone started having the vapors over the ever-present and always looming danger of the Confederacy?
Yeah well phase 1 of the trade deal passed all three checks and balances without breaking a sweat, and now Our Simple Affirmative Action President can do his part and usher in a Pacific Union, because the European one has been turning out just swell. Several aspects of the Pacific trade pacts are still being deliberated in a secret room under the weight of an insane NDA, but don’t worry about that, I’m sure everything is above board. I mean, c’mon, you can just vote them out if you don’t like it.
Speaking of anal penetration, it’s worth noting that this #LoveWins bullshit basically forces all of the co-habitating civil partnerships to dissolve and actually get married. The only thing winning here is divorce court and alimony skip tracers. But this is merely Exhibit 23,945,439 that shows our government has expected outcomes in all circumstances, and woe be unto those that attempt to thwart those outcomes.
You are being replaced.
Your civilization is no longer welcome here.
Just keep baking the cakes, bigots.
Closer to home, summer is in full effect, as it’s hotter than camel’s sac on a warm Arabian night, and just about as swampy. Good Lord. Fine, great, it’s Friday, but I’m here to tell you that the next two days are already spent with yardwork checklist six miles long. Between that, sweating and sleeping, that’ll just about do it for your Ol’ Pal Huckleberry.
Get ‘em in and have a great one.

Song Selection

Kentucky Confederate Battle Anthem
Written by Charlie L. Ward, c. 1863
Performed by Bobby Horton


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