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The Abusive Metaphors Of A Flagellated Economy

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on July 2, 2015

You’ll be happy to hear that the cooked books insist the US econokmdflsdfpomd inexplicably added 223K+ jobs in the month of June, but it also somehow dumped another 400K out the back door of the labor pool entirely, to make June the lowest in labor force participation ever.
So what gives?
A chart:

This is also not a retirement plan.

This is also not a retirement plan.

So in the best case scenario, we can break even if in the current trend every former full-time worker takes two new part-time jobs, you know, until five years hence when the Indians and Pakistanis brought over on H1-Bs are begin grumbling about the cost of living in the US, and they shitcan all of them as well.
Everyone wondering why the Powers That Be are kicking the can down the road when they’ll inevitably have to reckon with the consequences at some point haven’t caught on to the horrible realization that the Powers That Be don’t have to outrun fiscal gravity, they just have to outrun you.
Or to put it plainly, they’ve never intended to kick the can out in front of them indefinitely; just far enough to make their getaway.
You are being replaced in both occupational and electoral capacities.
Your replacements will be replaced with software.

America may one day be a great country again, but it will do so somewhere else.


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  1. Doom said, on July 2, 2015 at 17:51

    I recently read that, with official stats suggesting a fully employed nation would put out 420b (b? m?) man-hours. And, yes Loretta, woman-hours. The BLS put out that only 240 b, or m, man (or woman) hours were worked, leaving the real unemployment stats much higher.

    However, I am not against this. One of the problems with old America was that too many were working, driving down labor costs through supply and demand mechanisms. The first thing that has to go is the flood of labor. The next thing that needs to happen is that men are (even if unfairly) favored for the labor market to as to kick the family back into play. Simply put, a man has to be able to support his family, or he simply won’t start one. Which doesn’t mean he just packs it away and starts whistling show tunes. Abortion and unwed mothers are the result.

    Now, with the labor force cut, simply creating a male bias and there is a direction back. As to losses due to male bias? Less than the costs and losses incurred through female employment. From special privileges (maternity leave, flexible hours, sick children, extra time off in general, “civil rights” suits, and the rest), women are extremely expensive and dangerous to employ.

    However, the truth is, the BLS is full of bs. Much of the work being done is not being reported because it is being done by illegals. My guess is that they have a pretty good idea of just how many hours that is but would no more suggest it than the state department will even admit why they allowed an embassy to burn when they really did have the assets to save it.

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