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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on July 3, 2015

So you wanted Independence.
Most government departments are currently on high alert, with mass invasions of privacy and perversions of due process taking place all along the fruited plain, which is exactly what Patrick Henry died for, I’m sure, because if the 21st century is any indication, you are free to do as you like, so long as what you like is to curl into the fetal position and decompose.
Happy Fourth of July.
It’s Friday, on a holiday weekend, and I’m just about ready to punch it in for the day.
But let’s take a quick walking tour around the State of Things just so we can check the yard stick come Tuesday to see how far we’ve sunk in the interim.
Money in Greece is gone and food is going right along with it. A lot of headlines will be written about the referendum vote, but it doesn’t matter; YES or NO, Greece as a European Union entity is unsustainable, and it’s crumbling regardless. The important question is who’s on deck?
After a few weeks, we’re still babbling incoherently about the Battle Flag and the Confederacy in the wake of 9 murders that no one seems very interested in talking about. Some backlash has begun, which is fine, but now we get to keep hashing and rehashing it all out in seeming perpetuity, because an opportunity to be offended on someone else’s behalf should never be missed.
Whatever White Guilt is, it seems to make pathetic people say pathetic things, like swear that they’ll never have children or that they should all kill themselves BECAUSE PRIVILEGE. I just want it noted on the record that I am perfectly fine with people so afflicted taking such matters into their own hands to prevent their own reproduction and/or continued existence.
Perfectly cool with it, in fact.
Anyway, let’s call it a week.
Not much on the plan sheet for the Fourth. Just going to hang out at the homestead, drink some, and make sure professional grade illegal fireworks don’t burn down my house. Also, taking a few days off this week, so I don’t know if or how often I’ll post.
Get ‘em in and Happy Fourth of July.

History On History

Song Selection

American Thighs FTW, because It’s A Holiday.
You Shook Me All Night Long
Back In Black
Atlantic Records | 1980


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  1. El Borak said, on July 3, 2015 at 15:28

    So anyway, the new deck got finished today*, though I was able to grill on it for the first time last night. As much as I hate summer, I have to admit it does have a few endearing qualities.

    I was doing a bit of drinking/thinking last night about the US vis-a-vis Rome; we are not living in 400ish AD as so many pundits are wont to proclaim. It’s 175bc, our last worthy adversary was vanquished by the previous generation, so now our best and brightest** are free to turn us inward to destroy ourselves and our republic. Because flags.

    Thank God our founders were wise enough to put the military under civilian control and that the land is large enough to hide many things. And Happy 4th to ye.

    * not by me, for the record.
    ** Well, our SJWs, which is not the same thing at all.

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