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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on July 10, 2015

I’m not even going to pretend this was a week, what with the time off and all, but let it be noted that I could get a lot more done in life and for the world if the weekends were longer than the weeks themselves. Of course, if things keep going the way they look to, we’ll all be our own bosses soon enough; those entrepreneurial enterprises will be embraced by some and thrust upon others, which certainly means farming and carpentry and welding for some, while others will take to theft, banditry and thuggery, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.
In the Week That Was, it’s worth noting that everything under the sun is getting hacked six ways from Sunday – Wall Street, United Air Lines, TD Ameritrade, multiple US government agencies; say what you will about the neo-Luddites, they give no fucks about any of this.
The epic fail of the Chinese economy seems a lot more imminent than it did 72 hours ago, and it’s worth watching as much as we’ll be able to so that we can see what the shenanigans of a “modern” economy may cause on a First-World (sorta) economy.
Not that it matters, really, but it could be useful info.
Week 4 of STILL talking about the goddamn Battle Flag, because SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE BANNED FOR FUCK’S SAKE, and they aren’t getting any traction with the guns, so, let’s keep on keeping on.
Oh, and Donald Trump, for reasons that escape the myopic perspective of the punditariats, is heading to the top of the charts. Why? Because he’s the only one speaking to the interests of a underserved portion of the electorate. Sure, he isn’t an honest broker and it’s all lip service, but after a decade of fighting retreats, some conservatives are happy to see someone unapologetically articulate an opposing response to unfettered migration and a stagnant economy. I just hope the hairpiece stays in it long enough to make it interesting, and if he goes third-party, all the better.
Because then we get President-Sheriff Joe Biden, and that’s when the fun begins.
Anyway, not much on tap around here for the weekend. I got all of the yard work done on the “vacation” so I foresee some time in the old hammock. Just hope the weather holds out and stays warm but not hot.
Get ‘em the Hell in and have a great weekend.

Song Selection

Guilty Of Being White
In My Eyes
Minor Threat
Dischord Records | 1981


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