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Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on July 15, 2015

What a stupid week this has been so far.
I’m tired of all the endless victory laps in the absence of any kind of victory.
Our Simple Affirmative Action President reached a “deal” with the Islamic Revolutionaries of Iran which removes economic sanctions in exchange for nothing.
It’d be as if someone came up to you, offered you $100 with no strings attached, then went on an endless braggadocio about how tough-as-nails a negotiator he was when you accepted it.
Next, we find that the ghouls at Planned Parenthood are who we thought they were, and let ’em off the hook. Although it sadly puzzles me why stabbing infants in the womb through the head with vacuum cleaners is somehow not a problem at all, but parting out and selling the remains is where the line is crossed.
They are both the work of ghouls.
As for the too-early-to-call-it campaign horse race, it’s worth noting that enthusiasm for all of the Inevitables continues to lag, with Extremists and Outsiders on both sides making the Electables sweat it out. While I’ve come up wrong on some prognostications, it certainly looks as though my vision of political life where two political parties form an establishment diametrically opposed to the interests of all others save for the apparatchiks is holding strong.
We’ll always have Dunkirk, in other words.
As for the rest of it, I expect the short term to look a lot like the long term, in the only way that matters — the less reliant you are on other things, the brighter your future will look. It isn’t just the current civic order that’s in decline collapse; it’s the reigning civilizational model of the past 200 years, one built entirely on the backbone of wage-labor industry. Odd, too, that in our decline we’re essentially playing the record backwards — five minutes in our neo-Victorianism, replete with digital fainting couches, should suffice to make the point.
Whatever comes after that is going to look a lot like what came before it, and fiefdoms are a lot more tolerable for the self-reliant than for the indigent.


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  1. El Borak said, on July 15, 2015 at 12:00

    one built entirely on the backbone of wage-labor industry

    Yup, main thing going away is the wage.

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