Rollin' Like Sisyphus

Straddling The Chasm Betwixt Allegory And Metaphor

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on July 31, 2015
This is how it starts...

This is how it starts…

So in the past week a new word I’m sure you’ve all heard tell of by now has breached the INTERNET LEXICON OF HATE and made quite a few people who frankly deserved a good sharp poke in the eye absolutely apoplectic; in fact, it is not even a proper word. This relatively spot-on yet frankly sophomoric portmanteau is just the newest way to lambaste something old and familiar.
Cuckservative blends the concepts of “cuckold” and “conservative” in such a way that it reads so though one is either a conservative that is being duped, or a political actor preserving the method of his own servile humiliation for his own gratification – thus the difference between metaphor and allegory. The concept is useful, I suppose, in either instance but I think the former holds more truth than the latter, if only because I know how desperately people cling to their delusions when challenged.
The sticky wicket for the term as it’s evolved lo these past few days is that many have construed, ahem, “deep” racialist motivations for the epithet that in most cases aren’t there. Google hasn’t helped with this, as a quick search for the term “cuckold” is a hot mess with the Safe Search feature turned off, but a basic rule of language insists for good reason that a sub-definition of a word does not preclude it’s primary definition, which is “a husband whose wife is unfaithful to him.”
That’s it.
That’s all it is.
Language is a tool like any other, utilized to express some lesser semblance of that which cannot be expressed otherwise. If Storm Front or the Black Panthers toss a hammer through your window, it’s not the hammer that’s racist, nor should that hammer be banned from the land for 1,000 moons.
When lunatics like YES, NICK SEARCY toss their adopted black child into the mix as some kind of status symbol, something is wrong. I suppose the hope is to disqualify the legitimacy of the stinging attack by equivocating the people using the term as metaphor with those who prefer to use it as allegory, and ultimately as a totem for white supremacy or separatism, attempting to stymie the assaults through a shaming tactic that’s about as effective as you’d guess it to be.
Most of this kerfuffle revolves around three things – the typical Republican voter (the Husband), the typical Republican political class (the Wife), and Important Issues upon which Husband and Wife disagree. For example, and this is the only example anyone seems to talk about, though it applies to every issue: the Husband wants illegal immigration stopped and amnesty prevented. The Wife wants illegal immigration, along with legal immigration, to be institutionalized. The Wife then works to institutionalize immigration both legal and not.
It would be naïve to say that there is no racial component to this, because there is and always will be. That this is flaring up over immigration in the aftermath of Trump’s blowhardy denouncements made in the service of his political ambitions reveals that many of those employing the term “cuckservative” see this issue as an existential crisis.
And they’re not wrong.
But a “white patriarchy” in this time and place isn’t ever going to resuscitate the Common Law or the Rights of Englishmen. Those were the rules and ideals of a remarkably wonderful and all-too-brief historical confluence of events that will never occur in that way again. In the same way that one cannot live amongst the ruins and still maintain sanity, so it is with this. The next iteration of these concepts will require its own unique confluence of events to spring forth, it likely won’t look, feel or work like anything that came before it, and I’m just about certain it won’t happen until I’m long since ash.


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