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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on August 14, 2015

You’re sitting there, minding your own business, and all it takes is for some wiseacre to come along and tell you “It’s Friday” and before you know it, you’re off on some mental flight of fancy, imagining that you’ll have two whole days to yourself to supposedly recharge and revitalize mind, body and soul, but the joke, the true joke, the sick God damn joke here is that before you’ve even set yourself in your comfy chair with a beer in your hand, the alarm clock is going off again because it’s fucking Monday already.
Where’d the weekend go?
You blinked, you stupid fuck.
You missed it.
Better luck next time.
But in the meantime, let’s keep up appearances, huh?
In the week that was, I note that the only merciful thing about August is that not much happens. Stuff gets threatened to happen, but the shape of the past week looks delightfully similar to the week that came before, and if our luck holds, not too dissimilar from the week ahead.
Languid is usually better than the alternative, times being what they are and all.
Oh, wait, I did forget to mention a few things.
The END OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY as precipitated by China slashing it’s currency value a few times, because however you wish to portray the Chinese economy, it’s little more than child slave labor pressing cardboard laminate together into various shapes to resemble Western style furniture and appliances. So while all the Smart Pundits had wondered what would happen when a broke debtor with billions in tanks, warplanes and munitions could no longer pay up, the more pressing question is what happens when a broke creditor with billions in tanks, warplanes and munitions calls in their chits?
Pull up a chair, I’m dying to find out.
The Clinton Machine turned over what’s looking like key physical evidence in a case involving multiple felonies for both federal archive regulations and the improper handling of highly classified materials. In just about every other place and time in history, this would have already torpedoed her campaign, she would have already resigned, and that would have been that. But these aren’t ordinary times, and she’ll trundle on until they walk her off the stump in leg irons.
And $100 says she pins it on one of her staffers, and that pinning sticks, because no one gives a fuck about anything anymore.
Despite that, I still say she won’t appear on the presidential ballot come November 8, 2016.
People all over the country, and pretty much all over the world, are flipping their biscuits over banal trivialities. Crime is up, wages are down, the word of the decade is a toss-up between retraction and retrenchment, with nature all but nipping at our heels on multiple fronts as the civic tide recedes, and it’s all fun and games coasting on the waning inertia of a dying culture until the speed picks up and you realize you’ve wet yourself.
You know, metaphorically.
Anyway, that’s it, that’s all I know.
Get ’em in and have a bitchin’ weekend.


Mean Street
Fair Warning
Van Halen
Warner Bros. | 1981


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  1. El Borak said, on August 14, 2015 at 12:26

    It’s 85 degrees with 52% humidity, which is better than anything I ever thought about asking for the second week of August in Kansas. So that being that, I’ll be grilling chicken and mixing rum within hours. And maybe I’ll find a nice out-of-the-way place to plant a few of the perennials that still litter the deck.

    I was thinking about Van Halen on the way to work this morning, which started the day on something of a down note. Not that “Humans Being” played at such a volume as to melt my ear wax is depressing, but because I realized once again how much less Van Hagar was than the sum of its parts.

    Having seen both the Standing Hampton and VOA shows live, I can assure you that Van Halen 1.0 + Sammy Hagar > Van Halen 2.0 + David Lee Roth. Not even close. Even considering that David Lee Roth on his own was a negative number. He was like a black hole of rock and roll awesome, the absolute zero of musical heat.

    So anyway, I just finished testing a process that has to be running Monday so thousands of Millennials can get free money from Huck’s paycheck to invest in an education they don’t want and which will not do them much good in the long run anyway. You’re welcome.

    As the bounty hunter said to Josie Wales: a man’s got to do something for a living.

  2. Huckleberry said, on August 14, 2015 at 14:45

    Yeah it’s 104 with ~60% humidity as I write this, and it’s supposed to be worse tomorrow, so I can hardly wait to get out there, hack some bamboo, mow some weeds, then putter around my not-air-conditioned workshop re-sleeving the cylinders of an enthusiastically used 302 engine that my brother-in-law wants to put into a Ford Falcon that he’s restoring*.
    Van Halen came through here just before the Fourth of July, and a couple of my buddies went.
    Their reviews were not kind.
    To be honest, I’m a little worried about seeing AC/DC next month for a similar reason.
    No matter how well they do, I doubt they can live up to the first time I saw them in 1990.

    free money from Huck’s paycheck

    Just spending the money I won’t spend, I guess, but hey, sooner or later I’ll be replaced by software, so the joke’s on them.

    * He’s restoring it, yet somehow I’m doing all the work. It’s like being related to the government.

  3. El B's phone said, on August 14, 2015 at 17:53

    Angus Young has dementia, you know. Live long enough and all your childhood heroes will be dead. Or no longer heroes, which might be worse

  4. Doom said, on August 16, 2015 at 09:37

    I don’t think there is a rock band, from my day, that I would like to see. After realizing the Rolling Bones, and then Ozzy, and what they were and had become, I sort of avoided looking back or trying to keep the past alive for myself. I’ll listen to their stuff, I just wouldn’t consider going to see them live. Stars used to realize… there used to be some class, and knowing when the gig was up. Still, it’s your choice.

    Related to the government? One way or another, aren’t we all? Still, you are volunteering! You should have joined the Navy, you would know better. Navy ~ never again volunteer yourself

    As to Angus… aren’t we all? :p

    Sorry, just had to poke a little of my humor into yourall summer of discontent… or some such.

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