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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on September 4, 2015

So it’s a holiday weekend, they tell me.
Blink and its gone.
Much like the freight-train of a week that just hit me from behind. Didn’t see it comin’, didn’t see it goin’.
Just didn’t see it.
Yet I do have the vague sense that a few things transpired this week.
If you enjoy Ilk trolling the Hell out of @scalzi and the twinks, you should have mightily enjoyed the troll parodies John Scalzi Is A Rapist… and John Scalzi Banned This Book…, the latter coming just hours after @scalzi’s whining to Amazon got the former pulled down. I haven’t laughed that hard in, probably, years.
In the 2016 Presidential race that we’re talking about in the summer of 2015 for some reason, ¡JEB! attempts to hit back at the Trump that’s killing him, and the comedy inherent with a man known primarily as a traitor to conservative causes, who comes from a political dynasty known primarily for the same thing, for that man to flap his arms about whining about Trump’s fake conservatism is just hilarious to me. Then, when Trump turns around five minutes later and dismisses the accusation by suggesting that maybe ¡JEB! ought to speak a little more English around the house, well, a fun time was had by all.
While it’s certainly probable that Trump initially got into this thing to clear the path for ¡JEB!, I don’t think anyone involved in those machinations realized how much of an anti-politician nerve there was to be struck in the process. And Trump struck it, clearing the field of everyone in the political class altogether, including ¡JEB! This should have been an obvious consequence of such a maneuver from the outset to anyone paying attention to the electorate, but let’s face it, these people will never be accused of paying attention to the electorate.
What they also don’t realize, and what doesn’t reveal itself on the spreadsheets of their well-paid, focus-grouping political consultants, is that immigration isn’t just one of any 10 issues that is roughly equivalent to the others; for most people, it’s THE issue, right there with the second amendment which the GOP realizes can’t be touched. They honestly believe immigration is like government spending or Social Security or any of a dozen issues that can be blah-blah-blahed about until people fall asleep and they can do whatever they want.
Obviously, it’s not.
It’s THE issue, and will only be more so as long as our declination remains palpable.
Which should be for a good long while yet.
I guess that’s it. On the home front the heat wave finally broke and it’s a perfect 81 degrees under clear blue skies as I write this. I should be able to knock out early and hit the hammock some this afternoon, along with a cold beer or 12 and a good book or two. Beyond that, may the weekend make no other demands on my time.
Have a good one, and get ‘em in.


Get Off This
Kerosene Hat
Virgin Records | 1993


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