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The Land Of Graft And Graffiti

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on September 15, 2015

Oh for fuck’s sake:

This isn’t Los Angeles.
I mean, in a way it is; where Juarez, Bangladesh, Shanghai and Kinshasa battle it out for what’s left of the slums of Beverly Hills.
This epically diverse city is the friction point for 9 different racially active tectonic plates, and all those cool high tech light displays they showed to make this shithole seem like the Beacon on the Goddamn Hill is all the same device; its a con job.
That’s all Los Angeles has ever been.
or, in the words of Horace McCoy about LA: “I should’ve stayed home.”


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  1. Doom said, on September 16, 2015 at 13:09

    Cities have always been deadly traps. Not so quickly lethal so as to spoil the spring. Poisonous from soul to body to mind, but addictive at a slightly faster rate than they are toxic. Their salesmen are meant to draw as many in as fast as possible and allowed to do whatever it takes. I suppose you believe your toothpaste advertisements, or underwear ads, or your doctor… who is just a salesman himself.

    L.A.? Just like the rest. It isn’t for your benefit, cities that is. It’s just supposed to look like it for long enough to get you addicted so that living in tyranny seems, in the end, to be better than not. Instilling fear in us rednecks while they are at it. I’d like more people to leave the way I’d like more people to get to heaven. The caveat is too big in both cases to… in a way… be honest. Enjoy your stay. :p

    (Yes, jest… some, most, none, depending on the day… Discern or cry, not my problem. 🙂 Oh, and my mom hates me, sometimes, too… so feel free.)

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