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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on September 18, 2015

If this week were a person, you know, like corporealized in some kind of human form, I’d stab it in the neck, stuff rocks into its pockets and roll it off the end of a pier. And then shoot at it some until it sinks entirely. Then put on dive gear, push down to wherever it landed, and punch at it a few times, stab it some more, maybe strangle it a little.
Then the depth charges.
So how was your week?
Around here, humid and wet gives way to humid and swampy for the weekend. Every weekend has seemed to go out of its way to be as miserable as possible weather wise, almost like there’s a conspiracy afoot or something. Not that I’m paranoid, but THEY ARE AFTER ME, you know.
I notice that the world is just a little more fucked than the last time we did this. Around here, a couple of serial-killers-in-waiting have been mercilessly attacking pets; one is pouring acid on dogs and cats randomly for weeks, another broke into the county animal shelter and killed a bunch of the animals, so those two different people ought to be fun in a few years when they move on to people. More murders, more mayhem, more malaise of just about every stripe. If the other shoe doesn’t drop soon, it’s going to be extremely ugly when it finally does.
Another round of debates, another round of the punditariat class declaring Peak Trump; at this point I don’t know what’s the bigger quantity – the number of times Trump has peaked or the number of times GamerGate has died.
Neck and neck, in more ways than the literal.
But the “Lincoln v Douglas” style debate was basically the worst beauty pageant the world has ever seen, with no winners to be found at all. Most of the three hours was devoted to Trump and busting his kneecaps (political metaphor), tongue-bathing the “woman” who drove two separate companies into the ground and lost her only bid for public office in spectacular fashion, who went on and on about all of the places she’d love to bomb because she’s tough, and not much else but WINNER, and more tongue-bathing for the Cuban, because the GOP desperately needs Mexican votes? I guess? And even though you could barely tell he was there, the man who hopes to be our first Latino President, JEB Bush, had his only notable moment involve a group photo where he had to stand on his tippy-toes to appear bigger and badder than the other candidates.
In other non-news, the Fed ain’t Yellen Dixie yet, with no rate rise imminent. I guess the plan is to see how long a body can tread water before his arms fall off and he dies. Nothing could go wrong with this plan, except for all of the things that will go wrong with this plan. I heard one hilarious thing on the radio about this the other day, with the commentator insisting that the bankers want rates to rise so that they can make money; if I were a gambling man like everyone else in the financial world, I’d wager that it’s just the opposite – the bankers know they’re sitting on so much dead money that if they ever had to pay even the slightest micropercentage of interest on it, they’d crumple like a $5 suit.
Last week at this time, the Germans were berating everyone else for being horrible, racist bastards for not laying out the welcome mat for hundreds of thousands of people flooding into Europe. They claimed they could “process” and take in up to 500K per year. One week later, they’ve rolled up their own welcome mats “temporarily” because someone, somewhere in the higher strata of the German governmental machine realized that they have absolutely no capacity whatsoever to control and process people coming through their borders; certainly not a teeming throng of Muslim diversity, with the rocks and the bottles and the rape.
So that should end swimmingly, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
So that’s that. That’s all it is.
Have a good weekend and get ‘em the fuck in.


King’s Vengeance
Thin Lizzy
Vertigo Records | 1975


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  1. El Borak said, on September 18, 2015 at 11:49

    …talking about the American Dream in class and prof asked the one German kid if they had a German Dream.

    He responded, “We did, but no one liked it.”

  2. El B's phone said, on September 19, 2015 at 14:20

    Funny thing about the 70s is how many guys looked gay in proportion to how few were.

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