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Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on September 28, 2015


So I got to futz around with a rifle I’ve really had my eye on for a long while, the Mossberg 464 “tactical” SPX, and it’s cousin, the “non-tactical” 464 SPX with marine coating. Both were 30-30.
I am sad.
Both rifles, lever action, look good and feel comfortable shooting. The “tactical” version has a six-position stock that can fit just about everyone. It looks like a badass rifle.
And even when you shoot it, it feels like a badass rifle.
Until you trip the lever and try to get the next round chambered.
Try and try and try and try.
The damn thing just can’t feed at all. It kept catching on every single round because it was pushing the round too high up. WAY too high up. On one of them, it simply ejected the round entirely.
Then the front site fell off.
For the “non-tactical” version, it had the same cycling problem AND the “grip safety” was damn near impossible to engage. Round after round after round, each bullet caught, most trigger-pulls doing nothing, then squeezing the lever more, and on and on. And the front site got so loose it was just about to fly off as well. Also, something in the action kept catching internally. I could feel a hitch every time I jacked the lever, even when I was just trying to dry cycle the thing.
It really is too bad.
I wanted to love these rifles, and I wanted to buy at one of them.
Oh well.
Avoid these rifles.
They might get you killed if you rely on them at the wrong time.


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  1. Doom said, on September 28, 2015 at 15:13


    Oh, right, not… at you, with you. Yeah, sure, the new toy didn’t cut it. But, this time, you didn’t just read and believe the ad in the back of the comic. You got hands on before you wasted your bubble gum and coca~cola money! Plus, now I know what not to buy. Though a 30-30 is more on my dream, than real, list. It’s more a bush gun for deer hunting in less than dangerous country. I’m not seeing it as a good home defense, but that’s my call for me. Ignore, your coin and all. (Though I would be curious why you see that round as good home-d?)

    Still, glad you… dodged that bullet. I hate lemons, and the fuss. Not all lemons can be made into lemonade.

    • Huckleberry said, on September 28, 2015 at 15:59

      I don’t really see 30-30 as home defense. I have shotguns and pistols for that. And to be honest it’s not really my preference for a rifle round – I’d rather have 30-06 or a 308. But the rifle intrigued me and the range just got three of these rifles to play with, two in 30-30, one in 22lr, so I ran with what they had.
      I was looking forward to xploding some coyotes with this rifle, but alas.

      • Doom said, on September 29, 2015 at 00:38

        Ah. And… perfect. I’ll never complain about a man seeing and wanting in the gun world. My eyes go wiggy-waggy in the gun store. Not all is practical. The .500 S&W is on my… some… list. A .375 H&H, a .338 mag lap, and as I mentioned a 30-30. But those first three could be quite handy in bear country. Not all of them, but the pistol and one of the big boys I think. Drool on! I am. Oh… and they did look sort of cool, if you are into tactical.

        Hmm… I ought to see if I can rent something new or curious, come to think of it. I’m a bit jealous, actually. All in the good way.

  2. El Borak said, on September 28, 2015 at 20:20

    Xploding…I’ll soon be loading some 22 hornet with a 35 grain Varmint Grenade. Will be interesting to see how close marketing is to reality at 300 meters.

  3. Giraffe said, on September 30, 2015 at 11:49

    Browning makes a lever gun that may be chambered in a modern round. I’ve never been a fan of the .30-30, but the idea of a lever gun is attractive. I was wanting one in .44 magnum. But since my state allows hunting with a handgun in .44 magnum but not a rifle in .44 magnum, I would have no legitimate use for it and therefore can’t justify it other than I want one.

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