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On The Outside Looking Out

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on October 19, 2015

A lot of people who get paid good money to give their useless gut-reaction opinions on the pimpage and orgiasty of contemporary politics seem utterly flabbergasted at the continued viability of presidential candidates who they deem to exist on the fringes of the paradigm, in service to a sturm und drang they find horrifying because it’s bubbling up beyond their control in opposition to their hopes and dreams – which is simply Hillary! For President and nothing less. There are checklists to be completed – “Black” president, CHECK! “Female” president, CHECK! “Gay” president, CHECK! “Differently Abled” president, CHECK!* So now it’s Hillary’s turn to check the DYKE box on that list and donors like NBC are all-in and spittin’ fire.
And yet.
Clinton II is floundering, and while the odds are good against the possibility, there’s still a 2-to-1 chance she ends up in Federal Pound-You-In-The-Ass prison for, at best, criminal negligence in violation of the Espionage Act, which should completely invalidate her candidacy, but we know where we’re living. All of the members of the supposedly “strong” GOP field have faded into near-irrelevancy, while the fringes of both parties are gathering steam and seemingly defy every premature determination of their deaths that have come along.
But this isn’t about presidential politics at all.
The turmoil seen in the race is a manifestation of a shift in the political paradigm, one that began quite a while ago. For all the puffery about the extremists in each party, I’m here to tell you that the gap between the typical Tea Party Patriot and the typical #OccupyDirtySocialist is much smaller than the gap between that same Tea Partier or #Occupier and the Republican/Democrat that either of them voted for in their much-heralded revolution. The paradigm isn’t Republican vs Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal but the Establishment vs the Radical, or more pointedly, Them vs You.
The Establishment response to the new dynamic will be to marginalize wherever possible, and attempt to conduct business as usual with a message of complete denial for the existence of the new dichotomy. How this manifests in the two-party dynamic I can’t say for sure, but there’s a better than good chance you see the return of a Democratic Republican party that is a shell of what once was, along with a host of other small parties that cater to niche issues focused around tribal identifiers.
As for the near term, I don’t know if Trump and Sanders can continue like this all the way to the finish line. Despite the many weary months we’ve already endured of this beleaguered campaign, we still have more than a year to go to the finish line, and we’ve already seen that it’s more important for the Establishment to maintain relative hegemony than to accede to the wishes of rabble, so I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see each party work doubletime to whack their wayward candidates’ campaigns at the knees as often as possible. But the more they double down the more quickly they accelerate their erosion. It’s not that a third party needs to become big enough to compete with the other two; the other two will inevitably hollow out their own ranks to the point where the formation of other competing parties is inevitable.
I’m bored of this, and a little hung over, so let’s call it Monday.

* And all in the same Simple Affirmative Action President, no less.


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