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Like A Night In Fallon, Nevada

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on October 29, 2015

So another GOP debate went down last night. I didn’t watch it; I kept up a little with Josh’s live commentary on Facebook while watching the NFL Town Hall Meeting in San Diego – which was intended as a Question and Answer forum on the issues surrounding the team’s possible departure and/or staying in the city, and Good Lord was it a freak show. No real questions, but a lot of weird, weird people whining on and on indecipherably, including the old hippy lady who prattled on about the bomb-ravaged streets of San Diego comparing it to the streets of Baghdad. Of course, an Desert Storm vet happened to be in the crowd and shouted her down with “Shut up bag lady! You don’t know what Baghdad’s like! I do!” and it was downhill from there.
Everyone is fairly flummoxed at the blatant bias shown by the moderators of the CNBC GOP debate, but I don’t know why. The moderators knew they would have five times as many eyeballs on them for those two hours as they would for the whole rest of their miserable lives, and they wanted something for their sizzle reel for when it’s time to shuffle off BuzzFeed’s Internet TV launch.
Consensus seems to be that every candidate won, except Jeb!, which seems about right. The term “milquetoast” gets thrown around a lot, even when it doesn’t apply. For BUSH III, it’s wonderfully apt. He’s like the worst traits of his brother and father without any of the upside.
Genetics and heredity is fascinating, even with the inbred lummoxes of the Bush clan.
Also in the news, the statistical fabrication amalgamation known as the Gross Domestic Product, considered by the kinds of stupid people who work at places like CNBC to be the de facto barometer of economic health quarter by quarter, came in well below the expectations desperate hopes and dreams of the commentariat class. That the faked and fabricated numbers used to compile this barometer are cooked beyond all recognition AND THEY STILL LOOK THIS BAD makes me wonder if the inertia of this thing is finally coming to an end.
Sooner or later.
This is the problem with conflating statistics with data. Data is what it is – a quantified measure of something. Statistics is the art of corrupting that data with something nominally resembling math to give the data meaning. GDP is a statistic. Most of the numbers floating around are statistics.
Trust them at your own peril.


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