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In Pursuit Of Spaces Both Safe And Sufficiently Syndicalist

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on November 11, 2015


Watching the collected students, faculty and staff of the University of Missouri, or “Mizzou” as they refer to themselves for some God-awful reason, burn (Bern?) their institution to the ground over literally nothing beyond a handful of anecdotes has been a fun way to spend the week – and it’s only Wednesday. Part of the reason I haven’t written about it yet (beyond other things getting in the way) is that it’s one of those stories that just moves too fast, and unless you’re willing to jump in from the beginning and focus on nothing but the story for the duration, it’s best to just let it unfold and see what shakes out.
And what’s shaken out is the distilled essence of everything that is wonderfully corrupt about SJWs, their “culture” and the confluence of more than a dozen trends of the past three decades coming together in a perfect storm of uselessness, futility, immaturity and doubling down continuously while holding the low hand.
There are so many contributing factors to this contretemps that I can’t even cover them all in any meaningful detail. Much if not most of it has been covered in various ways in the past 18 months or so when this really kicked off, because the “university experience” is a devolution in principle and a wonderful proof-of-concept for those wishing to weaponize the marriage between blithering ignorance and instant gratification. These imbeciles can’t think, they navigate the world on the whims of their emotional vacillations, and they are never, ever going to get better. This form of lunacy has been cultivated, cured and hardwired into them from the cradle on. That kind of things isn’t something you just get over or get past with time and experience.
For all those who keep insisting that “The Real World” will fix this, that “just wait till these ingrates get out into The Real World”, do you really have any confidence in this, a “Real World” that stands for nothing and exists as a hollowed out husk waiting for one final stiff breeze to come knock it to the ground?
I do not.
Make no mistake – The Real World will molly coddle these lunatics just as surely as their college professors did, as their high school rubberstampers did, as their elementary school babysitters did, as their pre-K naptime monitors did, as their helicoptering parents did. These children have lived an existence ensconced in bubblewrap from the get-go, enabled by those who should have known better but preferred the easy path of enabling, and if my experience with the culture of Human Resources in most of Corporate America and the Public Sector is correct (and it is) there are plenty more enablers to bend over again and again and again, until the last lug nut flies off the hub and the wheel of civilization goes spinning off into the ditch, or until the Sino/Neo-Soviets invade the West Coast, whatever comes first.


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  1. Doom said, on November 12, 2015 at 12:30

    When I saw her picture, I was reminded of a movie ending.

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