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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on November 13, 2015

Well hey now.
What a week.
You can tell autumn is in the air when everyone from Anchorage to Appaloosa absolutely flips their biscuits online and off in apoplectic fury over the fact that they are not, in fact, the Children of the Corn, and cannot, in fact, simply wish everyone that bothers them into the cornfield to be eaten alive by the husk monster of Social Justice.* Yet watching the insanity unfold online and off on campuses across the land – oddly enough approaching term-paper/finals exam time on the academic calendar – underscores everything I know to be true about our decline and its inevitability.
Some fear these gibbering morons are the next iteration of commie-fascist movements like the Red Guard that will somehow spark THE CULTURLA REVOLUTION and sweep into power, but come on. The members of the Red Guard were intelligent and fearless. These modern day Children of the Corn are neither. I grant they will throw tantrum after tantrum demanding that someone, somewhere, put them into power, but I think their shelf life is coming to its end, as is the shelf life for a whole lot of other things.
We’ll see.
Other than that, it’s been a weird week given how much has happened and been completely shouted over. For example, a federal appeals court upheld an injunction or Our Simple Affirmative Action President’s little plan to import an entirely new interim electorate**, one more amenable to conformity, corruption and working for slave wages without complaint. The O-Force knew this was in the offing, because not half an hour after the ruling was announced, OSAAP filed an appeal with the (Taco)Supreme Court. The court may or may not take up the issue this term; if that’s the case, the soonest the injunction can be cleared is summer of 2017, which is a good six months into the O-Force’s 44-year golf-‘n-cocaine retirement plan. The suit on the merits still must be decided by several layers of jurisprudence before that can be settled, but in practical terms the injunction IS the case. If that gets lifted, the illegals are legalized and all the post-hoc lawsuits can’t stuff that back into the tube. But funny how that was announced and then completely drowned out by Day 1 of the college temper tantrum extravaganza.
The fix is in, I know it in my bones.
Word has it that the FBI is “ramping up” its investigation into CLINTON II, moving from fact-finding to case-building, but somehow I remain skeptical anything will come of it. It’s worth noting, also, that the Bern-outs seem to be fading away as the crank from Vermont begins his slow slide back into irrelevancy. It’s the drunken lesbian’s race to lose, now.
Aside from that, not much happening that I’ve been made aware of. The weather’s been cool here, dry as shit, and like I said last week, it feels unabashedly autumnal for once in this infernal place. So there’s that. Not much on the agenda. For some stupid reason we’ve agreed to host Thanksgiving at Casa de Huckleberry this year, so I guess I have to figure out what kind of dead animal(s) I’m going cue up, but the rest of my time is writing and enjoying Rome’s flames from the comfort of the outskirts, a bourbon in hand and a smile on my face.
Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em in. The song is dedicated to our #Mizzou brothas and sistas currently under siege by their own fevered imaginations.
Stay strong.

* Yes I know I’m mixing up two different horror stories of spoiled children being self-absorbed dicks. Let’s just consider it a term of art and be on our way, huh?
** You know, a placeholder until the robots take over and break down all the time.


The KKK Took My Baby Away
Pleasant Dreams
The Ramones
Sire Records | 1981


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  1. Doom said, on November 13, 2015 at 15:49

    I’ve tried to be a good little chaos monger, rebel, sower of seeds of discontent, etc, etc, et. al. Well, “tried”? That’s like suggesting the sun tries to shine. Anyway. I have tried to get into the Ramones but fail miserably every time. I don’t know if you had to be a certain age when you made contact (as with, say, Motorhead and a few others. Even Ozzy? Yeah.) I have found them impalatable. If they are a secular hair shirt, I shirk my discivic duty in that regard and will stick with Ozzy, Motorhead, AC/DC, or… whomever else is available.

    I have heard that they are among the greats. I just haven’t heard anything of theirs that I can even… almost want to like. It’s like white jazz, or bluegrass, neither of which, white or black, can I, mostly, approach. A Cajun jazz/blues/bluegrass, but just one of all I have heard. Mostly just boozed rap/country and western.

    Oh, right. /rant Sorry, get lost mumbling as sleep approaches.

  2. El Borak said, on November 13, 2015 at 16:30

    Tonight’s bourbon is Elijah Craig. First time I’ve tried it. TBH it’ll probably age a little longer on the bar.

    Spent the day with daughters at the George Washington Carver national monument. Incredible guy, Carver. What he overcame and became is absolutely amazing. So yeah, let’s just say that I’d didn’t come away any more understanding of our latest campus weep-in.

    But the thing that really struck me most, perhaps (as I already knew Carver’s story) was a bout 10 minutes spent in the little cemetery on the site. Carver’s adoptive parents are buried there – both died in their 60s. A few other adults are buried there as well. Fully 80% of the cemetery is row upon row of kids who died before they turned 10. Most before they turned 5. One little stone was dedicated to a girl named Elizabeth who lived 26 days.

    80% of the cemetery. Can you imagine living in a time and place where you bury 4 out of 5 people as children? and this was the white cemetery, those people who had life so much better than Carver. But I’m sure things are worse on the Mizzou campus. Because poop swastika.

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