Rollin' Like Sisyphus


Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on November 25, 2015

Stop the bellyaching.
So we’re at the precipice of a great four-day weekend, except at my piece of shit place of employ where getting the Friday off after Thanksgiving is like going 15 rounds with Holyfield after he lost a piece of his ear; sure, a little old and not the best fighter anymore, but he’s really feeling that missing chunk of his ear so he’s mad as fuck.
You see where I’m going with that.
I used to love Thanksgiving more than the other holidays because it requires no obligations beyond showing up, getting your drink on and eating.
Those were the days.
In recent years, of course, in these hyperpartisan times of woe and want, the Thanksgiving dinner table is the chosen battleground of SJWs who, having just prepped on all the ways to DEMOLISH “Faux News Talking Points” will proceed to segue conversations toward stupid socio-political topics with all the delicacy and discretion of an elephant tap-dancing on a minefield. Even though no one else ever brings the conversation toward the political, that one distant SJW relative who’s been psyched up for this since she read “Survive Your Stupid Conservative Relatives at Thanxgiving” on won’t miss on opportunity to stir up some righteous conflict where none before existed. And of course, being on the extreme political fringe and having some reputation for belligerence in regard to confrontation, I essentially walk into the joint with a giant SJW target on my back. And I tire of it, because I’m not changing anyone’s mind, they’ll leave just as stupid as they arrived.
So I drink.
Earlier and earlier.
As for the genuine spirit of the holiday, I suppose I’m thankful for a few things. Friends and close family, especially, general health (however fleeting) and just enough material comfort to keep me honest. It’s been a rough year in some ways, dismal in others, but with a few brief moments of respite that made it all worthwhile. And of course I’m thankful for you, all six of you, because in the main your contributions here often strike more to the heart of the matter than my own.
So I’m knocking off in a few, then drinking, college basketball LIVE from Maui, more drinking, then stuffing two turkeys into the smokers and lettin’ em rip for 22 hours. For that, also, I am truly thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving.


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