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Times Being What They Are

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on December 9, 2015

There are a few things that are worthy of note, but not necessarily for their own full-on treatment. It’s been exactly a week since the TERROR IN SAN BERDU and that means three hours of WHITE GUYS DID IT followed by six days and 21 hours of NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE THAT, punctuated liberally with JUST GET RID OF THE GUNS YOU INBRED HICKS because certainly even in the hypothetical where the San Berdu 2 couldn’t get rifles, they would have simply gone home and done nothing at all with the more than two dozen improvised explosives they carefully built in their garage. IT WAS THE GUNS THAT DID IT, NOT THE MUSLIMS.
So I will say what I say every time some boomer or millennial piece of shit starts barking up about that which they do not understand.
Come and take them, you cock-gobbling motherfuckers.
That is all I have to say about that.
The political world, such as it is, once again eschews its many purported differences to agree entirely on what an egregious gasbag Trump is for asserting that maybe we need to cool it with the rampant, unchecked immigration from places where DEATH TO AMERICA is a bedtime prayer for ages three and up. The more they scream, the more they whine, the more Trump wins, for pretty much the same reason Fox News won in the 2000s – market share. The Dems and the Reps are fighting for the same narrowing constituency at the expense of a larger pool of the electorate. Trump is the only one making a play for the larger pool. Basic arithmetic of the type that people learn starting at ages three and up can be used to inform you of how this is both tactically and strategically advantageous if your goal is to garner more votes than other people. The fact that everyone in the bi-factional political establishment is so noticeably uncomfortable puts me of two minds – 1) the voting game isn’t rigged because they actually worry about Trump getting the votes versus 2) the game is rigged but requires plausibility in numbers to pull off, and lightning rod like Trump threatens to pull enough juice away from the other two poles to stymie the coverup. Neither of these conditions puts me in any sense of ease, but alas.
As for everything else, I’m still utterly surprised with myself at how surprised I am with the world that in the midst of a paradigm-shifting decline of Western civilization, people are clinging ever more tightly to the things that make sense; even when those things are vapid and useless, but familiarity is all that matters in times like these I suppose. Anxiety and solace are the inseparable handmaidens of the human condition, forever and always.
So it goes.


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  1. El Borak said, on December 9, 2015 at 19:57

    I’m still kinda amazed that the press does not understand the simple equation that states that the more they talk about Trump and ignore the other candidates, the more the voters as a whole talk about Trump and ignore the other candidates. I read somewhere that Trump has spent ~$200k on ads, or literally 1% of what Arbusto! has spent nationwide. Yet Trump is the one who’s face is everywhere, because the press really cannot help themselves.

    Saw a bumpersticker on the back of a pickup along my road. Not sure if the guy is hunting (it’s firearm buck season here) or what, but it’s been there two days and made me smile both. The sticker says, Freedom is an unregistered gun. Rock on, Redneck. I’m glad to be your neighbor.

  2. Doom said, on December 10, 2015 at 04:59

    What gets me is so many of the assholes I like but generally disagree with politically are on the same page. While lightning really does, and fairly often, strike the same place twice, when you see a thousand hits you know it’s unusual, unprecedented, a “thing”. I still suspect Trump is headed for assassination. Or they will negotiate him out, perhaps. Even if he won, and then sold out, the fear that others might realize they can change things would be too dangerous for the status quo. Next time a real mover and shaker might move and shake.

    Still not sure I would vote for him. Depends on how things looked then. If he retracted this and that, assuming he doesn’t get deaded, he might just become another. Time tells.

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