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Carting A’Fore The Horse

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on December 17, 2015

So following Tuesday’s debate, where many a pundit immediately insisted how “impressed” they were with JEB! until they realized that wasn’t getting any traction, have now shifted to a grudging acceptance that Trump has basically won with about six weeks before a single vote is cast. Because that doesn’t smack of battlefield psych prep. However this shakes out, this will be the last Presidential election cycle that features the GOP as a distinct nominally viable participant, because come this time next year, whether Trump or something like him wins the nomination, what we know of as the GOP “establishment” and whatever permutation of the “conservative base” exists at that point will no longer be affiliated. If Trump wins, the GOPPERs take their ball and go home; if Trump loses – at this point for whatever reason – the Base (I hate calling it that) heads off in search of actual political representation.
At any rate, there’s still a 5/2 shot that Our Simple Affirmative Action President declares some form of martial law on November 1 and postpones elections indefinitely, because he probably knows as well as we do that the floorpan of this civilization is just about to give out from under our feet, sending us plummeting to the chasm below without ceremony, just an object lesson in pre-Newtonian physics and thermodynamism, for whatever that’s worth these days, because let’s face it, Pearls Before Swine, am I right?
Everyone’s wetting themselves at the $1.4 TRILLION omnibus bill that the badass conservative Wrong Paul Ryan is foisting on America in his bid to end the GOP as a political force in American politics forever. I guess I’m just surprised at all those who still get surprised by these kinds of betrayals again and again and again. Once more, from the top:
You are being replaced.
Your replacements will accept much less for much more labor, are much more accustomed to abject poverty, the kind that takes place when the interest rates start rising for borrowers and not savers, and will vote reliably in the correct way, all while ensuring that entitlements tread water just long enough for the high-born to make their getaway.
Your replacements will then be replaced through automation, while the high-born ride out the next 1,000 years in their fortified cloisters, playing Pinochle and inbreeding, while the hoi polloi burn everything else.
I can hardly wait.
Either too much is going on and I can’t keep up or we’re stuck on the first two steps of a 3/4 Waltz and can’t seem to find our way to the beergarden. Each scenario ends in the same way, with someone in the room throwing their feces at the sousaphone player, and I’ve frankly seen that enough times in my life, thank you.
Closer to home, swamped with projects and things, along with prepping the holidays, which is why the digs here have been so slow. I’ve got about a half-dozen half-complete posts on various subjects, but other crap keeps squeezing it out. I’ll try to wrap up whatever may be worthwhile, but I wouldn’t wait by the phone or anything.


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  1. Doom said, on December 18, 2015 at 09:16

    I’ve, mostly, stopped talking politics. Even those who say they know better keep voting for those who keep doing what they do. I guess politicians have realized that there is nothing to the American paper tiger. The young are indoctrinated, the old too weak and lazy. No one is willing or able to fight even for real reasons. They just want to keep what they are getting, or lose it slowly enough that it won’t seem to matter.

    Just turn off the news. “Conservative” “news” is about like conservative politics. Just do what you know is right until they come for you. Or when they come for enough, either getting out or joining something seems the better course. On the other hand? Liberals are in just as much trouble, they just don’t know it. It is so not about politics. The elites don’t care if you polish their boots with your spit, tears, and hair. They simply don’t like you.

    Do whatever you like, really. Until it starts it won’t get better. Once it starts it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, no matter which side you are on. We have seen the level civilization can rise, and then seen it’s falseness papered over for generations. Now we get to see how far and fast it can fall, if honestly it isn’t something the news shows. Lies can only carry the water just so far.

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