Rollin' Like Sisyphus


Posted in Headlines by Huckleberry on January 12, 2016

That nuke deal treaty will be paying dividends until the end of time:

U.S. officials said that the incident happened near Farsi Island, situated in the Persian Gulf. They said that some type of mechanical trouble with one of the boats caused them to run aground and they were picked up by Iran. The sailors were in Iranian custody on Farsi Island at least for some time, but it’s not certain where they are now.

The timing of this, just hours before Our Simple Affirmative Action President’s (hopefully) final address to the nation, probably isn’t a co-incidence, and if the situation isn’t resolved by the time OSAAP takes strolls down the aisle of the House, gladhanding the nation’s answer to the Mos Eisley Cantina while Pomp & Circumstance blares in the background, you’ll know the Iran incursion was no accident.
And by “resolved” I mean pictures of the 10 sailors and their boats getting off a plane in Rammstein, smiling and waving and looking completely unassaulted in front of a lot of TV cameras broadcasting live.
The hour draws nigh.


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