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An Obligation To A Previous Inertia

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on January 20, 2016

Not quite eight years ago, the US economy officially entered THE GREAT RECESSION following the disappearance of several brokers of errant debt, and at the time there were many fears and jitters of what the future held, because the experts and pundits all agreed that America was TOO BIG TO FAIL. The bankers and politicians and other assorted hacks devised several interesting ways to kick cans and tread water and buy time to either 1) allow the Animal Spirits to manifest from the mists of the Keynesian Mountains and spontaneously fix everything to get Americans spending or 2) fleece the last few valuables left in the till and make a clean getaway.
I’ll leave it you to guess which one I believe to be true.
Now we’re at the part of the performance where all the mad-genius fixes have failed, the greenshoots have rotted, and the pundits and experts are once again warning of fiscal Armageddon because the cooked books can’t take any more heat. So for all of us who insisted eight years ago that eating the debt, writing off the losses and letting the failures fail and disappear would be the wisest possible option, this is the moment to go “HA HA” until you realize that you, too, are aboard the Titanic’s one-way maiden voyage.
So the zombie debt that couldn’t get stuffed down the garbage chute, combined with a lot more debt accumulated in the interim to keep the lights on, is about to come cresting over the tsunami barrier, and what happens after that is anyone’s guess, so long as that guess is PAIN. At this very moment, I’m sure, a cabal of upper-tier-but-not-quite-at-the-top bankers are cobbling together lifeboats made from a hasty re-arranging of the superficial attributes of the markets under their influence. They don’t necessarily have to stay afloat; they just need to be the ones who sink the slowest.
They can’t even pump up oil and skim off the top to get them through the holidays like they used to.
Dire times, friends, dire times indeed for the bankers and traders.
As for you and I, now would be an awesome time to grow some shit.
In other news, I note that many, many people are loudly wondering if Herr Clinton will indeed face criminal prosecution for a list of espionage crimes that grows by the day. In proportion to her impropriety grows the prospects of the senior socialist from Vermont, Komrade Sanders. Someone, somewhere, will #FeelTheBern and there’s nothing more to be done about it.
The Supreme Court will hear the matter of Our Simple Affirmative Action President’s Extra-Curricular expansion of the country’s immigration program, which is currently under a federal injunction, though whispers have it that the O-Force has several times violated that injunction and continued on like he owned the joint. Anyway, so the highest court in the land will hear the case in record time – the injunction was first enacted last January, it flew through the Appellate court and the Supremes took it up lickity split.
A cynical man would take all that and wonder if the fix is in.
I don’t much wonder; THE FIX IS IN.
Sure, the court is nominally a 5-4 “conservative” bench and all that, but in all honest you have Scalia, Thomas and Alito who are actual judges weighing the merits of each case. The rest is a grab bag of lesbians, wise Latinas and two-nickel whores angling to sell themselves for anything warm that happens along.
That’s justice in the 21st century, friends.
So my early prognostication here figures that the Court on the eve of yet another MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAR will unstuff a couple more penumbras and find that everyone in the world has a right to come here and get free shit, so long as they register to vote at some point along the way, codified forever by the SCOTUS stamp of approval, which the next Simple Affirmative Action President cannot repeal or impinge upon, as if that would be attempted anyway.
Crumble, Crumble, Doyle and Dundle.


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  1. Giraffe said, on January 21, 2016 at 09:31

    We are nearing the end of that awkward stage. Unfortunately, the next stage is more awkward.

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