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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on January 22, 2016

Oh fuck yeah, it’s Friday.
I’m so ready to tackle the shit out of this weekend.
What a week.
What a pile of feces in the punch bowl of a week.
When that whistle blows I am so the fuck out of here, hitting the weekend running.
So naturally I should be asleep by about 8:15pm.
Such is life.
Holy crap has all Hell broken loose in the past few days. The number of people leaning toward CLINTON II doing hard time in Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison is rising fast. Somehow it’s leaked that she had highly classified shit on her unsecured bathroom servers, available for every Ivan, Hee-Sop, and Abdul Malik Safir that happened along, and not out of any nefarious desire to undercut national security, simply out of laziness and a nefarious desire to undercut national security.
Oh, wait…
So the Dems have hastily scheduled a townhall/debate thingy for prime time, where people might actually watch it, in the hopes of, I think, setting up the press for another round of HILLARY’S ALRIGHT bloviating when she manages to make it through the night without collapsing or having an episode of senility.
If that doesn’t work, she’s cooked.
I wonder, actually, at the weird patterns of intel and counter-intel that manage to leak out lately, that there are varying factions of clandestine operators heading into a damn-near hot war for influence in the next political paradigm. There is a faction that wants CLINTON II destroyed. There is another faction that wants her in power. There is yet another faction that wants to agitate populism and nationalism, while still another that wants to suppress these at all costs. From here on the outside, it just looks like everyone’s a simple moron, barely capable of putting on pants in the morning.
And I’m sure there’s a faction pulling for that, too.
I notice this morning that the self-styled pre-eminent voice in conservative philosophy, one that I thought had died an ignominious death ages ago, has come out to STOP TRUMP because SPOILER ALERT TRUMP’S NOT CONSERVATIVE. Which is true, but this coming from the same rag that tried to insist Mitt Romney upon us as bona fide, and John McCain before him, and Bush before him, well, it stretches the already well-worn credulity.
Anyway, I’m going to keep this short because I’m working on something I hope will work out and be cool. I’ll post it tomorrow if it all comes together. Also, I’ll have playoff picks tomorrow as well.
Have a great weekend, and get ‘em in.


Shake Your Blood
Southern Lord Records | 2004


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