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You Could Hear A Pin Drop

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline, Uncategorized by Huckleberry on February 11, 2016

That’s how quiet it’s been in here lately. I should really be posting more, I know, but I’ve been utterly slammed with crap and arguing with other Ilk on Facebook about Trump and the Game douchebags, and before I know it, the day’s over.
A few notes on recent things:
CLINTON II is desperately trying to rig this thing up six ways from Sunday, committing a shitload of fraud in Iowa and somehow walking out of New Hampshire with more delegates than Sanders despite her 20+ point loss there, yet that indictment swings gently out there, in the distance, just biding its time. If she underperforms in South Carolina, I expect the Powers That Be to pull the plug on her and string her up on that indictment. Hell, even if she wins the damn thing I half-expect her to get indicted. I stand by my prediction made several years ago that she will not be on the ballot for President of the United States come November.
We’ll see.
Scientists think they’ve found enough evidence to declare gravitational waves to be a thing, which backs up a theoretical necessity of Einstein’s general relativity, and to be true it must mean that the fabric of existence is tangible, roughly uniform and precludes completely the concept of emptiness in the universe. You know, if it’s even true. The laboratory they set up to try and find these waves seems intentionally designed to find – THROUGH INFERENCE – that which they were hoping to find. So now we’re pretty certain that GRAVITY WAVES AS PROPHESIED BY EINSTEIN exist because tremors THAT COULD HAVE ONLY COME FROM GRAVITATIONAL WAVES AND NOTHING ELSE cause lasers to bounce.
As Twitter implodes upon itself, I’ve recently stumbled upon the phenomenon of BLACK TWITTER, which is the BLACK portion of Twitter where, just in like in real life, blacks have a ghetto where they discuss all the fun stuff in barely intelligible dialects almost completely devoid of vowels, where affirmative action college students who have no accomplishments or notoriety all have 50K+ followers who are all mostly black, and in the decreasingly rare instances where BLACK TWITTER rubs up against the other factions of TWITTER, hilarity ensues. Yesterday, a black student at St. John’s University took a picture of an Italian classmate whose laptop had a TRUMP sticker on it. The black student tweeted out to his 50K+ layabout followers that after 7,000 retweets he’ll “smash that bitch’s computer” and in subtweets to that, said he’d “smash that bitch up.” Cut to a few days later when the Italian classmate confronted the black student demanding he take the picture off of Twitter. He punched her in the throat, she through her coffee at him, and he was then seen walking out of the administration building laughing. Yesterday the whole thing blew up when TRUMP TWITTER collided broadside with BLACK TWITTER and when the dust settled the black affirmative action wonderkid was no longer a part of BLACK TWITTER and possibly no longer a part of St. John’s student body.
Other than that, nothing much.
It’s been 90+ degrees here every day for a week, so I’ve got no complaints at all, about anything really.


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  1. Doom said, on February 11, 2016 at 15:09

    Some suggest that the indictment is being held as a way to pull the plug. Really? This is a Democrat, a Clinton, a progressive/liberal/whatever, they don’t roll for an indictment. Hell, there was one in jail on murder charges who won. I think the indictment is being held to see if she can win. If they think they can rig enough of the election to push her through, THEN they will indict. Might even find her guilty. And still will install her. Those people have no shame. None. It’s how they roll.

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