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One Night In Texas

Posted in Our Simple Affirmative Action President, Uncategorized by Huckleberry on February 15, 2016

When everything changes suddenly, overnight, at an extremely opportune moment for a number of people, one has to wonder if the odds of chance coincidence are more remote than the odds of a concerted plot.
As you already know, one of the last great men of any influence passed away over the weekend while on holiday, and to say that the circumstances surrounding that passing are peculiar is understating things by several orders of magnitude. While there is a good chance that all of this “just happened” the way it was relayed, and that the (sort of) untimely death of the (not all that) healthy Supreme Court Justice was entirely natural, one does have to ponder the possibilities…


It was a hit.
Of course it was a hit.
How could you think anything else happened here other than a concerted plot to rig something, or set the stage for something, or to set the stage against something, or to prevent someone else from rigging something, or…
It’s not clear exactly what this would accomplish, but not from a lack of potential benefactors. In fact, the list of those factions who would gain something from Scalia’s passing heading into the election year is manifold, suggesting more strongly not less that THIS WAS A GODDAMN HIT.


On the face of it, The Islamic Shock has the most to gain from this turn of events no matter how the fallout settles. He has a chance to name a third justice to the high court just before exiting STAGE LEFT if he can nominate some piece of shit and use an apparatchik media as a proxy cudgel to force the Brave Sir Robins in the GOP Senate to vote on and confirm that nominee.
Or, all the stars seem aligned to allow the O-Force to temporarily nominate someone to fill the vacancy immediately through a recess appointment, because IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT THE SENATE IS IN RECESS AT THIS VERY MOMENT. That puts a liberal court in play just when Our Simple Affirmative Action President needs it the most, as a host of cases near and dear to his legacy will be heard this spring and ruled on this summer. He doesn’t need to make a lifetime appointment, just one that lasts as long as he does through January.
Or, given the current composition of the court and the nature of the cases on the docket, The Islamic Shock doesn’t actually need to fill the vacancy at all, so long as the court’s “swing vote” swings the right way, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. The Sweeping Amnesty Plans for illegals? 5-3 to overturn lower court rulings and make it law of the land forever, with enough emanations and penumbras to essentially dissolve Border Control entirely. The case to uphold Texas’ strict abortion restrictions? 5-3 to overturn. The case that will basically dissolve labor unions on a national scale? 4-4 tie to keep the appellate court ruling intact, favoring the unions. The case involving apportioning voting districts based on active voters rather than concentrated population? 5-3 to overturn, maintaining political power in overpopulated urban areas with illegals and Black Lives Matter.
But there are other possibilities as well.


In this case, the GOP side of The Establishment, including the donors, who are getting their asses handed to them six ways from Sunday in the primaries so far. All of their candidates are at best floundering, at worst making an utter joke of themselves, and some of them somewhere may finally realize that the animating issues are immigration and not being pussies. If the election were about something else, maybe the Risible Rabble will drop their silly infatuation with outsiders like Trump and Cruz, and come on home to someone who’ll make the safe “conservative” SCOTUS pick, like Wise Latina Marco Rubio. Arguably the GOP Establishment stands to gain more from this than does Our Simple Affirmative Action President, IF the electorate gets scared by the possibility of 40 years of a liberal Supreme Court, scared enough to give up on the risk of maverick candidates that can’t possibly win, because NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANST ELECTION EVER AND DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEAVE THIS UP TO HILLARY OR GOD FORBID SANDERS, YOU INBRED CRACKERS?
Also fun.
But what if I told you the most likely culprit is someone else in the Presidential picture, someone already existing as the focus of an FBI investigation, and someone affiliated with a family that MAY HAVE ALREADY KILLED TO ADVANCE POLITICAL GOALS?


Sounds crazy, right?
What in the Hell would Clinton gain from Scalia’s death?
In a different way, she would gain the same thing the GOPe would – an animating issue to frighten her assumed constituency – in this case, single, dim women who think having to pay for contraception is a key indicator of an oppressive and omnipresent Patriarchy. The vacancy, to her, is more valuable now than it would if the seat manages to get filled. Assuming the GOP Senate doesn’t cave and that the O-Force doesn’t name a recess appointee, the empty chair could give her legion of winged crones one last hit of helium from the deflated WAR ON WOMEN balloon to carry her past Sanders, the GOP nominee, any independent presidential bids, and the FBI.
What I do know is that the presidential race is fundamentally different than it was on Friday, and I can see it shaking out in a number of ways, almost none of them good in the short term. If you want to game this out as a Black Swan event, I won’t stop you. I can see that shaking out a few different ways. If you want to think this may halt the infatuation with rogue, anti-establishment candidates for both parties, I can see where one would deduce that logic – though it’s unlikely to work. If you want to make the case that no matter how this shakes out in the short term, this is a terrible blow long term for scholarship and the dwindling band of folks who can appreciate and discuss things in the abstract without every single fucking thing hinging on tribal identity politics, I can back that play as well.
I’ll close this out by dusting off an oldie but a goodie:


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  1. El Borak said, on February 15, 2016 at 13:07

    As I told son Lupus the other night, it’s just another part of the great dam of freedom, liberty, and Western civilization breaking away.

    Never too early to head for higher ground. Steaks on the grill when you get here.

  2. Doom said, on February 15, 2016 at 17:21

    You know, all have been in my thoughts. This way or that. However, I can’t help grinning, thinking maybe he knew it was over and wanted to go out with a laugh. That’s not how I’m playing it, just… if I had been in his shoes, and given the givens, and if that came up? Oh yeah.

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