Rollin' Like Sisyphus

Nine Black Robes Draped Over A Human Face, Forever

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline, Uncategorized by Huckleberry on February 24, 2016

Despite living in a putative republic democracy, our systems of authority are nothing like what is advertised in the school books. But you know this already. Ours is not a republic, not a democracy, representative or otherwise, and truth be told it isn’t much of an oligarchy, plutocracy, or timocracy. In one important respect, we’re at a time and place where our civic order has somehow managed to combine all of the worst characteristics of those types of rule with none of the benefits.
When the framers of our Constitution put their heads together to come up with a constitutional-monarchy-proof government, they had a pretty clever idea – basically setting up a Mexican standoff AS a government, ensuring as broad a distribution of power as they imagined possible. And it worked great, for all of 14 years until the first empaneled Supreme Court tipped the pie plate irrevocably in their direction, giving them a disproportionately high level of influence with no practical check on that influence to be found.
While the pedants in the crowd will insist that such is indeed an oligarchy, I will tell those mouth-breathing lunatics how perfectly wrong they are. The Supreme Court isn’t a power structure. They have no political power whatsoever, nor do they have any political responsibility. They have something even more sinister: unaccountable influence as the passive arbiter of civic life. They are basically the bureaucracy exalted.
The Supreme Court, in theory, is supposed to be a fail-safe or a backstop to keep the other two branches of government as honest as possible. The system was supposed to be each branch with a knife to the other’s throat.
And yet, that is exactly what we have – despite the numerous high-profile cases where the Supreme Court arbitrates a dispute between the other branches of government, or between two private entities, a frighteningly high number of cases – by far the majority of cases – involve private entities seeking relief from one or both of the other branches of government. And in those cases, with a handful of notable exceptions, the Supreme Court denies such relief, couching their tyranny in the befuddling and specious “scholarship” of frauds and dilettantes.
This was of course inevitable, with enough time every branch of power pushes beyond its boundaries and continues to do so until something pushes back. And then it will push again to circumscribe or circumvent the antagonistic force, and so on and so on.
Consider the current state of affairs. With the untimely death of one man on a panel of nine, the entire shape and scope of the civic order will be broadly redefined in a way that ten thousand congressional elections could never hope to achieve.
Call me old-fashioned, but watery tarts lobbing scimitars as a basis of government isn’t sounding all that bad to me anymore.
Fuck the Supreme Court.


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