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Posted in Good Music Friday, The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on March 25, 2016

Another week has come and gone, with this being the only post you get.
My apologies.
It’s been busy around here, the weather’s been extremely fine, and I’m up to my ass in three kinds of oranges. Our orange trees have had the best year they’ve had since we bought the place, both in quantity and quality.
Made damn near $150 at the “Farmer’s Market” last night just in baskets of oranges, one type for juicing, the other two for eating.
Buckets of them.
And the summer oranges are already blossoming, so Heaven help me.
This is going to be a short one, because it’s already been a long day, and I’ve “invested” a healthy portion of the orange-sale proceeds into liquid immolation of my liver, but we’ve got a few things to chaw over.
If the 2016 Election Season doesn’t entertain you, boy, you’re doing it wrong.
Good Lord, each new day presents 100 unbelievable things that in more earnest times would’ve probably convinced the Powers That Be to declare martial law and put a hold on the whole damn thing.
But shit rolls fast rolling down the southern slope of Western Civilization, and there’s no time for that.
Think about it – 50% of the Democratic field is currently under a couple of federal investigations and that’s the most above-board thing currently happening in the race.
Yet like all sugar rushes, the crash from this, too, will come, and it will be a tough one from which to recover. At some point, “meaningful” votes will be cast and tabulated (not to be confused by the meaningless votes cast and tabulated in the primaries that we’ve recently been informed don’t matter at all). This is all going to come to an end with someone becoming President of the United States. And then it’ll be time for everything else to end.
I feel cheery as all Hell, now.
Speaking of Hell, as I said last week with Europe about to kick off, well, it’s kickin’ off.
Always tough when you’re fighting two enemies at the same time. That puts a real wrench into the whole “the enemy of my enemy is a friend” concept, but hey, 4G warfare for the win. Self-professed experts who’ve never grown a damn thing, built a damn thing, or fixed a damn thing keep going on and on about the wonderful post-scarcity world that is surely coming ANY MINUTE NOW without ever realizing that the world of the here-and-now is sinking very quickly into neo-scarcity with alarming shortfalls growing nearly everywhere you look. At a time when the concept of anti-fragility needs to be embraced most emphatically, the average man has never been more fragile – suffering under the tyranny of the complex distribution system and refined model of the division of labor that has been shaved so fine that the machine is no longer comprised of cogs, but of dominos, just waiting to get tipped over.
The contemporary middle class – the one that nearly every instrument of power and influence in the world seeks to wipe off the map – is the most vulnerable from an anti-fragile standpoint both in practical terms and through an underlying fundamental philosophy. They (we?) are too interdependent on a complex system of allocation and distribution for both goods and services, as are all of the producers and distributors in that system. When it does all tip over – and it will – you’re going to have a lot of starving, angry, useless people all pointing fingers and pitchforks at each other. The underlying philosophy is that the entire story of the Western world since the onset of Modernist thought has been to shift the active to the passive; don’t build a car, wait for Water Pump AL6 to roll up to you, stamp and port it EXACTLY like so, then send it along to station 127B. For all of the amazing efficiencies that we’ve developed and that have helped create and shape middle class life as we know it, a life that depends on everything else doing exactly their part EXACTLY like so for it to not fall apart.
I can’t wait for the future.
Anyway, I’m out.
Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em in.


Wake Up And Lose
Live Forever Or Die Trying
The Humpers
Epitaph Records | 1996


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  1. El Borak said, on March 25, 2016 at 14:31

    I made $85 this week selling horseradish on ebay. Not as tasty as oranges, nor does it buy as much whiskey. But still, small farming FTW.

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