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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on April 1, 2016

So here we are.
Just like last week.
Reckon just like next week.
With something seeming like 38 minutes separating all three points.
But that’s fine.
The world is crumbling by just about every measure, yet the clumps remain stuck together out of habit or poor hygiene, perhaps both. Given the insanity of recent events, I think I have to up my estimation of how much the social mood plays into the state of the civic order – it could very well be that the whole thing tears itself asunder through shear, cumulative panic; not a panic over resource scarcity, pending invasion, or widespread contagion, but one based solely on how a certain class of person feels about themselves when seen through the dim reflection bouncing off the face of the world, with its gross unacceptance of INTERSECTIONAL FLUBBITYGUMMIT and INSTITUTIONAL FLIBBERTYGIBBET.
If any generation was ever primed to dupe themselves into a nouveau Khmers rouges it’s the fucking Millennials, and I swear to God and you now if that happens I will wipe every last one of those slack-kneed wastes of human life from the face of the Earth.
Don’t think for a second that I couldn’t, especially in a post-apocalypse.
But not to worry.
We have a lot of miles to go between here and there.
Speaking of extensive mileage, I note that Hillary Clinton is none too happy with the state of things, again, and despite her many protestations to the contrary, her train is not fine. Voters don’t seem to like her, at least not in numbers sufficient to attend small high school sporting events. She is suffering from a number of conditions that are the inevitable result of extended corporeal living. Her opponent who has few advantages continues to steal her fish. Her former employer has ceased its own internal investigation into her many alleged crimes and misdemeanors in deference to a joint FBI/DOJ investigation, of which herself and her top team are the focus. She will soon be interviewed by the Director of the FBI in response to these crimes and misdemeanors. She might soon lose the New York Primary – the state for whom she was a carpet-bagging junior senator penning official senate memos to the characters of fictional television shows on company time – to a neo-socialist crank who, if I were to mirror the man’s life in tooth and letter, I’d still be a year away from my first-ever job. She continues to watch her doddering “husband” shuffle out on the road damning her campaign with faint praise at sparsely attended rallies half-populated with poorly kempt cougars looking to rekindle a little 90s magic with the former President of the United States. Her “husband” obliges a lion’s share of those cougars at every stop.
On the Republican side, I’m going to slide right on past it and talk about something else entirely. So two things.
First, despite my hardly ever watching television anymore, I have been watching The People vs. OJ Simpson and though it is a bit melodramatic, it’s quite well done. It absolutely captures the mood and feel of 1995, especially in Los Angeles, and does a good job of revealing why OJ walked when hardly anyone could believe it. The short answer is black people are racist, and I am a bit surprised that FX walked out on that particular limb with this show, but they did. Oh, sure, the cops were racist too, but the only thing you can walk away from that show understanding is that a black jury let a black man walk despite all evidence to the contrary, for no other reason than because tribal allegiances demanded it.
Second, I note with some hesitation that this is April Fool’s Day. I will brook none of it. If you won $12 million, had sex with a super model or find yourself on the run driving a beat-up Chevy LUV across the Sonoran desert while fleeing narcotrafficantes, bother me with it tomorrow.
I will not listen today.
Anyhow, the week is a done deal, for better and worse. The weekend brings too many things to do, some worthwhile, some less so. I haven’t had minute one to work on the smoker, so hopefully that gets remedied. Baseball season gets underway Sunday, much too soon. Fuck basketball.
So we drink.
Have a great weekend y’all.
Get ‘em in.


Oh Glory, How Happy I Am
The Apostolic Studio Sessions
The Reverend Gary Davis
Adelphi Records | 1973


3 Responses

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  1. El Borak said, on April 1, 2016 at 18:33

    Great pick this week. That is all.

  2. Doom said, on April 4, 2016 at 08:34

    See, if news papers wanted to survive? They would carry your stories. A dozen writers with an ability to make honest assessments, as they see things… and the willingness to be wrong in those, though I’m not seeing that in this one, and people would begin reading again. I especially like the millenial notion. As I would tell, and piss off by doing so, Vox… Yum! 🙂

    I hope the weekend was sweetly sour with a touch of bitter and bourbon or some such. Cheers.

    • Huckleberry said, on April 8, 2016 at 11:45

      Thanks man.
      Yeah it was a decent weekend if not very productive.
      Hoping this upcoming weekend is more so.

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