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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on April 8, 2016

Another day, another dollar, or so they say.
Funny thing though, I don’t feel like I’m a week richer, but I’m sure that’s just a figment of my imagination. I have it on good authority from the highest levels of Government that we’re doing fine. So fine, in fact, that we can bend economic law to our whim to save everything from the trees to the richest poor human civilization has ever known.
$15 an hour to flip burgers and sneer at customers.
The downside is that a lot of part time jobs will disappear.
The upside is a lot of those part time jobs went to people who used to work full time jobs before they disappeared due to the Affordable Care Act.
If I were a cynical man I’d suggest that it’s quite within the realm of possibility that the working poor are being hunted out of existence.
I’ve learned this week that Media Presumed President-Felon-Elect Hillary Clinton is stymied at every turn by the basic machinations of modern life – she can’t pour a beer; she can’t navigate a subway turnstile; she can’t crack a joke; she can’t take a joke; she can’t talk extemporaneously for five minutes without breaking down into an extended coughing jag.
Do they give you cough medicine in Leavenworth?
Oh in these pussy-ass cry-me-a-fucking-river times I’m sure they do, but I do enjoy the daydream where they send her off to a North Korean Labor Camp, and I can kill a good half-hour just playing that through in my mind.
So you can imagine my imminent disappointment even if they do end up indicting her.
On the GOP side, the Trumpenkrieg seems to be tiring, so much so that even Vox Day has seen fit to attempt an explanation. See, he’s so high-energy he just can’t keep up it through the doldrums. Yet he’s heading off to New York where he’s expected to win by more than 50%, with Cruz expected to finish a distant third.
The Train Is Fine.
Other than that, I haven’t heard much of what’s going on out there. I know that each new week ratchets up the aggregate level of insanity and instability in the social mood; this is best exemplified by a police chase yesterday that saw two robbery suspects do donuts, attempt ramp jumps, then end in a ghetto neighborhood at a cookout where the two were invited in – news choppers watched as the two robbers each got plates of food and a drink, and began partying it up, before the cops finally came in to get their guys.
It’s raining here, has been for a couple of days, and it’s supposed to for a few more. It’s a nice respite and gives me a perfect excuse to putter around the shop this weekend. Other than that, there’s not much going on.
Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em in.


Straight To Hell
Combat Rock
The Clash
Epic Records | 1982


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  1. El Borak said, on April 8, 2016 at 12:12

    Believe it or not, I used to have that on vinyl. In fact, it’s probably still in my brother’s garage with my Quiet Riot and Zebra albums. Metal Health will drive you mad.

    The weather’s gorgeous and I’m indoors testing a report queue problem on one of our servers. Not because I know anything about servers but because I’m the guy who’s supposed to make decisions about the jobs the servers are (not) running. But at least the weather’s gorgeous.

    Planted some cayennes last night. So I’m going to go home and stare at them for the next 48 hours to make sure they sprout properly.

    The server issues will be waiting.

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