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Home Is Where The Fraud Is

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on July 5, 2016

So that’s done.
Cankles McCunton II walks away with a stern scolding days after her husband carjacked the private plane of the attorney general for a private conversation about golf (where they buried Hoffa) and grandkids (those of the FBI director, apparently) and then despite days of assurances that the DOJ will accept the recommendation of prosecutors, in an attempt to dispel notions of impropriety and the overarching theme that this shit was more rigged than a Globetrotters game, the FBI scrambles to interview Cankles McCunton over a holiday weekend, then in the course of three business hours on Tuesday morning decides that despite all the evidence of crimes being committed, she will face no charges.
The timing couldn’t be any more perfect and fitting if it were an episode of the The West Wing.
It’s great to have this shit out in the open now.
The worst part of living with the knowledge that this pretense of a Republic has long since been consigned to history is that such thinking put me out into the tall grass with the Art Bells and Alex Joneses of the world.
Welcome, everyone, to the tall grass.
Sure, that the tall grass now grows in the city center indicates these revelations are more a product of persistent and escalating civic decline rather than a rational and improving social awareness, but hey, there was a certain point when every single soul aboard the Titanic finally knew the jig was up, and so too is it with this.
Despite the strongly worded condemnation, McCunton’s camp sees this as a vindication because nothing short of physical incarceration would have prevented her from continuing her campaign to the bitter end, so that continues apace.
If she were facing a normal GOP adversary, one charged with controlled self-emollition, McCunton would be a shoe-in despite the polls currently declaring otherwise. With gloves on and cotillion manners in full effect, a Romney or a Ryan would forget all about this, agree on the need for MOAR MEXICANS, and make the election a singular choice between Col. Klink or Sgt. Shultz.
While I fully expect Trump to lose as well, unless he’s meta controlled self-emollition in collusion with McCunton going way back, Trump should go down swinging, doing us the great service of helping tear it all down.
May the burdens of interesting times rest gently upon her wrists.


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