Rollin' Like Sisyphus

Do-It-Yourself Seppuku In 12 Easy Steps, Or How I Would Make A Positive Case For Electing Hillary Clinton As President Of The United States Of America

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on August 4, 2016

So El Borak had himself an idea.
Far be it for me to pish and tosh at it since the answer slapped me in the face almost immediately.
The positive case for electing the vile, angry, bitter, dementia-riddled crypto-feminist rests on a simple maxim, best expressed by Churchill – when one finds himself going through Hell, it’s best to keep going.
Travel over any distance is a simple ratio between time and velocity – we already know where this ends, we simply don’t know when.
With Hillary at the Helm the when of the matter seems less hazy. Adding a heaping helping of corruption, fraud, race-baiting, racketeering, third-world immigration, government spending, taxation and expansion onto the already swollen glot of strains to the system is the kind of thing that breaks backs and shatters lives. This doesn’t end unless and until the comforts of contemporary life – as superficial as they may be anymore – are relegated to the wistful memories of a time and place that will never again exist in our lifetimes.
Time to get on with it.
Elect Hillary Clinton.
Burn it down.
There’s no saving Western Civilization, there’s no Making [#] Great Again, there’s only friction and conflict and enemies lists and the sooner we get to the end the sooner we get to the beginning.
Fundamentally, every age has it’s flavor of tyranny. Ours happens to be the tyranny that comes from forcing disparate groups with wildly divergent interests to share geo-political space just to see how many muslims can dance around a sombrero on Chinese New Year.
Burn it down.
Down to the ground.


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