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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on September 2, 2016

El Borak was right.
I didn’t much care for the past week either.
Safe bet or sage prognostication?
I’ll leave it for y’all to decide.
In just under an hour I’ll be home, earlier than usual, where I will proceed immediately to the old hammock, libation and a good book in tow, and God willing I won’t need to surface again for the better part of 72 hours or the end of the world, whatever gets here first.
In that spirit, let’s take a mercifully brief spin around the world that was this week:
Weiner whips it out and uses toddler child to pitch woo
Trump invades Mexico and pisses off all the Latinos that weren’t going to vote for him anyway
Clinton sleeps 18 hours a day, and has thus far avoided vertigo, seizures and death
Also, overnight, it seems the FBI released their, ahem, “notes” on the investigation into Clinton and her emails. In brief, either she is the most inept, brain-addled, dementia-riddled simpleton to ever seek the presidency of the United States of America, or she’s a corrupt, lying, scrupulous pantsuit shaped sack of shit.
Guess which way I’m leanin’ there.
Time to get some.
Have a bitchin’ holiday weekend and get ‘em in.


Civil War
Use Your Illusion II
Guns N’ Roses
Geffen Records | 1991


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  1. El Borak said, on September 2, 2016 at 23:01

    It’s sage prognostication as in, I’ll be hanging an assload of sage leaves in my barn tomorrow to replace the spring garlic that is ready for pickling.

    Good choice of tunes, btw. Guns-n-Roses is one of those bands – like Bush, BOC, and Cheap Trick – whose only downside is that 75% of their music is dog shit. But when they are good they are really really good…

    And this one is good.

  2. Doom said, on September 2, 2016 at 23:59

    I terribly miss visiting when I don’t miss visiting and then realize and visit? A man of two minds, or none, it seems. Not exclusive, mix and match those. I even forget to visit old friends. Yes, I do miss your cheer. But don’t take that as an attack or even support, just… as it seems?

    You know? I keep wondering… have we become those grumpy old men we used to laugh at? Now, even if they were wrong, as with stocks, the past doesn’t predict the future,.. in ways that could be banked, mostly, or in absolutes, so we might be right about the end of the world. OR… not. Perhaps their fear, worry, grump… is what kept the world from ending? Or part of it. Prayer too, I have to guess. Just… thoughts, questions, a little optimism… if I think that isn’t the best of forms, and a cheers. Have a good weekend. Hmm… did someone write “libation”? Oh, dread. Now I’ll have to follow suit. Just one, mind you. Definitely cheers.

  3. El Borak said, on September 4, 2016 at 18:58

    On a wholly separate topic, earthquakes are creepy, bro.

    I don’t know how you Californians put up with that crap on a regular basis.

    • cfdxprt said, on September 5, 2016 at 09:58

      So, I guess you felt it. I was in the process of getting up and mrs. cfdxprt comes running in that there was an earthquake. I said don’t worry, I was just getting up and rolled over and my junk hit the ground, no reason to worry people – apparently me stating that while half asleep was funny…

      Then mrs. cfdxprt stated that I knew this was due to fracking. After an explanation involving orders of magnitude of energy, USGS fault line maps and earthquake zones for analysis, she admitted that there was a high probability that it was not fracking related. I just had to add in that hopefully it wasn’t New Madrid waking up, cause I’m an…

      But, yeah dude, I’ll take tornadoes – I’ve got a decent basement – earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes, I don’t like. Each is freaky in it’s own way, and of course each is hand of God power.

      • El Borak said, on September 7, 2016 at 07:03

        Yeah, I felt it. Give me a tornado any day.

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