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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on September 16, 2016

So Fuck it.
I notice that this insane-but-kinda-not-really election cycle trundles into new ground, as a corrupt, criminal cripple refuses to quit in the face of growing unpopularity and her own increasingly desperate quest for a suitable and lasting convalescence. How someone could 1) catch a non-contagious chest infection and then 2) how that non-contagious chest infection presents like a severe and acute neurological event is beyond me, but there it is, the press in mid-victory lap because CUNTON II managed to go a few days without dying. At this point, the expectations of her are so low that all she really has to do for the next five weeks is 1) not die and 2) not collapse on camera for her team and the media to declare victory of the raciss’ and certify her FIT AS A FIDDLE AND READY FOR DUTY. Yet her poll numbers – the ones that already seemed cooked more thoroughly than a Thanksgiving turkey – are already plummeting as the fiasco reinforces the perception that CUNTON II is a secretive and corrupt hack who’s first instinct is to lie, and then to keep trying new lies until one finally sticks, who couldn’t be honest if her life depended on it (and it just might), who couldn’t hit the truth if it were the side of a barn, and who is so desperate for power and influence that she wouldn’t even let a serious degenerative neurological condition get in the way of her quest.
And people tend to distrust that, though demographics being what they currently are, less and less every day.
Yet despite all that, and we’ll have to see if her poll numbers keep dropping and if anything will happen (of course it will), but despite all that, hopes of a burgeoning TRUMPSLIDE seem fleeting at best.
I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of the projected electoral map, being generous and flipping every state that was red, leaning red, toss up, and leaning blue all the way to +3 over to Trump.
And he barely squeaks by at 279 electoral college votes.
This looks like his ceiling to me.


Maybe he can pull off Pennsylvania and Michigan, but I would not bet on it.
Some seem to think Virginia is flippable as well, but be honest – northern Virginia is where all the people who’s careers depend on status-quo business-as-usual government have decided to homestead, plus the Dem Vice Presidential nominee was elected by this state as a senator just four years ago.
And as for Pennsylvania, all the Dems need to do is ensure 110% turnout in all Philadelphia and Pittsburgh precincts again that go 109-1 for CUNTON/KAINE and that’s that. Trump could over-perform throughout the rest of the state by a factor of 10 and not overcome it.
So that’s that.
And at even this late date, I’m not sure who to endorse (though not vote for, because fuck that noise).
I hate Hillary Clinton with the white-hot fury of 10,000 suns, and her election would make all of the people I have grown to loathe maniacally happy and petulant.
I can’t have that.
Yet I know in my gut Trump is a sham, and any joy taken in his potential election exists solely in the pain, misery and hysterics of my enemies, along with the fleeting comfort that comes from knowing that all of the numbers haven’t flipped against us yet, which is great for a few days, but then what?
In addition, both of these takes reveal a woeful myopia and tendency toward short-term tactical thinking. I can make a stronger long-term strategic case for electing Hillary Clinton than I can for electing Trump, yet my central nervous system just won’t allow me to do it, let alone even entertain the notion for more than a few moments at a time.
So I’ll think on it a spell, and I’ll make the official Rollin’ Like Sisyphus Endorsement for President of the United States of America sometime soon.
In the meantime, it’s Friday, it’s about 2 hours from quittin’ time, which translates perfectly to drinkin’ time, apostrophe and all, so carve that into the belly of the Earth and let it serve as an epitaph for our time here.
Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em the fuck in, friends.
OH AND ONE MORE THING – any copy editors or people that can edit – a couple of the Ilk and I are trying to put together an editing and review service specifically geared toward self-publishers and we’re cobbling together a business model and an operational model. Anyone interested in lending a hand and doing some editing for hopefully profit please let me know, or if you’re a member of the Foundry please see the posts on there about it.


Sink With California
Sound And Fury
Youth Brigade
BYO Records | 1983


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  1. Doom said, on September 16, 2016 at 16:08

    I was absolutely sure she had the fix in. I didn’t count on madcow disease becoming so obvious. Cannibalism really does that to you. (Not exactly madcow disease, but the symptoms are similar). Not sure if the fix extends to Marx.

    I do not know if I have chops for editing. If it is simply reading, seeking misspelling and grammar errors, perhaps story inconsistencies, I might be able to pitch in. If the writing is at an exceptional level, where etymology is actually studied to develop definitions for words to be specifically crafted into the work, I’m probably not at that level. If the need is for esoteric manipulation, in logic, or doctorate theology, or such, I’m not quite it. Save a few areas I don’t think most would have a clue regarding I am rather simple. Even looking for such I rarely find one who seems to have touched a bit of it. As I wrote, if it’s standard, or even slightly elevated prose, I could give it a look. Well, and if you, et. al., would want to work with me.

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