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Who Doesn’t Love Surprises

Posted in RLS PANIC DESK by Huckleberry on October 12, 2016


So I find myself, on this drizzly useless Wednesday afternoon, with a few minutes to kill and a few observations to share. Time was an election had an October Surprise, a singular event that would irrevocably alter the race and present a clear demarcation point for one candidate’s rise over another.
Which works great when it’s a singular, distinguishing event. When every day in the month of October offers surprise after surprise, the concept loses its impact among the racket of the roller coaster. For the same reason that Arena Football isn’t nearly as entertaining as regular football — the counterintuitive notion that scores are exciting but less so when they happen every possession — these “surprises” don’t stick like conventional wisdom insists. The reason a score in regular (old time) football is exciting is because it is a relative rarity; there is a suspense underlying it. When every possession for both teams is a score, all it comes down to is who has the ball last.
That’s all this election boils down to – 101 weeks of mayhem, violence, insanity and agitprop that is largely meaningless because the winner will be decided by the eenie-meenie-miney-mo of who holds the ball at the end.
A quick glance at the electorate and I must conclude there are worse ways to decide this thing.
In sum:
We have openly declared fraud across the country as regards voters, ballots cast, and ballots processed.
Every day for nearly a week WikiLeaks has dumped emails from just about all concerned parties in the Clinton camp that continue to reinforce her intimate relationships with corruption, lies, strong-arm thuggery, and political duplicitousness so brazen and callow that it surprised even myself a little at just how unapologetically direct it all is. Then on top of that, Clinton is revealed to be even more dull, slow-witted, ill, craven, and disdainful of Americans than we already thought.
And yet the polls show her winning in a walk because Trump is a big meanie head.
We have a looming external conflict with Russia.
We have a looming external conflict with China.
We have a looming external conflict with the expansion of Islam.
We have a growing external conflict between competing factions of globalists.
We have a growing external conflict between all of those globalists and anti-globalists.
We have a looming internal conflict between the classes.
We have a looming internal conflict between the races.
We have a looming internal conflict between the indigenous and the imported.
We have a looming internal conflict between the rulers and the ruled.
We have a looming internal conflict between the agrarians and the urbanites.
We have a looming internal conflict between our economic system and the pull of fiscal gravity.
We have a looming internal conflict between the victims of the largest robbery in human history and those trying to buy just enough time to make their getaway.
So given all of that, yeah, I’d rather talk about grabbing women by the pussy 11 years ago as well.
Who wouldn’t.
Especially if your chosen candidate is the driving force behind at least a third of that list, and a witless enabler to the rest of it. You’d want to deflect also. So I have no idea how this shakes out. What I do know is that there is a higher level of panic in media and in liberal circles as I’ve ever seen. I trust nothing. Not the polls. Not the anecdotes. Not the endless fact checks and analysis and platitudes and insistences that EVERY VOTE MATTERS(unlessitsfortrump). I do not see Vox’s ballyhooed TRUMPENKRIEGSLIDE because if we were still an electorate capable of mustering it, it wouldn’t be needed.
The answer might surprise you, for reasons that won’t surprise you at all.


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  1. El Borak said, on October 12, 2016 at 13:23

    I’m guessing the endorsement but not saying. But it’s based on the fact that you’re the kind of guy who likes to just rip the stitches out with a pitchfork.

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