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Good Music Friday — Thursday Edition

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on November 3, 2016

So we’re doing this a little early, only because I already know tomorrow is going to suck ass through a Dixie straw and I probably won’t have time to do this then.
So you get it now.
I’m simply not sure what to make of the election at this point. When every MSM outlet is now openly suggesting Cunton’s crimes to indeed be worthy of indictment, coupled with the continued cratering of her poll numbers (but not to the point of her actually losing, just tied or up by 1 or 2), and the wide variety of rumors that are filling the information gap left absent by 1) the investigators and 2) Clinton herself (and no, screaming incoherently about the FBI is not filling the information gap) and it looks for all intents and purposes as if she is done.
On its face, yes, I think she’s done. If I believed that these things were more or less above board and honest (within the margin of error) I don’t see how she wins. Perhaps all of this is an orchestrated exit strategy by the powers that be in case her non-adjusted poll numbers showed her to be utterly unviable down the stretch, they could at least paint the narrative suggestion that the loss was due not to rising popu-nationalism but to a flawed candidate’s innate and inveterate proclivities to corruption, crime, and cankle sores. In one important sense, looking back on how this story has been told so far, this is a semi-deep psy op predicated on r/K selection theory (as regards to human psychology). In the broad strokes you can see this: why rig the polls so badly and in such an obviously coordinated fashion tailored almost exclusively to the rise and fall of certain lynchpin events like debates and oppo bombs like Binders Full of Pussies? I had been under the assumption that the reason why was that the fix was in – the polls were irrelevant, they just needed to provide the barest minimum of narrative cover to make the fraudulent election results plausible. But what if instead all of this has been simply an exercise in r-selected wishcasting under the assumption that if they could forge the appearance of rising groundswells of Cunton support, that actual people would want to or fear not being a part of that groundswell and gravitate toward her like all other r-selected herd animals.
The problem with this, and I’m guessing Team Cunton is finding it out the hard way, is that most people who are not r-selected don’t simply ignore it, they have a gut instinct to recoil in horror from such shenanigans and to move the opposite way. This sets up a situation where Cunton is basically in poll-generated quicksand; the more effort she puts into moving, the more quickly she sinks.
If that’s what is happening, and while I’m beginning to lean that way, I remain unsure.
My first instinct is to still say that this shit is rigged six ways from sideways up to and including a line in the sand where either Clinton wins or no one does.
In other news, despite this website’s official endorsement of Herr Cunton (yes, I know), I have officially cast my vote for President of the United States of America, only the second time I’ve ever done so, and the first time since the year 2000.
I have officially voted for Donald J. Trump and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.
It felt pretty fucking good, to be quite frank with y’all.
I’ll try to get my prediction for how this is going to go by the end of the weekend or by Monday at the latest.
Beyond that, I’ll cut this off for now. I know it’s not the weekend yet, in fact, I still have a giant turd-burger of a Friday I have to leap over to get there, but rest assured we’ll make it there, come Hell or the High Water.
Have a bitchin’ weekend friends, wherever you may find it.


Stay Free
Give ‘Em Enough Rope
The Clash
Epic Records | 1978


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