Rollin' Like Sisyphus

The Last Wall Of Jericho

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline, Uncategorized by Huckleberry on November 7, 2016

There’s not much I can or will say about tomorrow’s election that I haven’t already said.
All things being above board, at least within the margin of error, I expect a slim Trump victory.

I suppose the real fun begins when Cunton wins 334 electoral votes yet no one will actually claim to have voted for her.
You know, no one human.
The feminists and #NeverTrumpers, sure, but no one who matters.
Honestly a thin and barely believable Cunton victory will do more long term for ushering the much needed crumbling of the tattered ruins we call home, yet I deeply want to enjoy five minutes of schadenfreude and see my enemies crushed in every way it matters.
We’ll see.
Also I’m still half-tempted to bivouac out in the desert until this is all over, so chances are I may go completely dark and could likely be the last person on earth to know how it turns out.
By this time tomorrow may we have forgotten everything we ever knew.


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