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Good Music Friday — #8KEK Edition

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on November 18, 2016

Another week, another dollar.
Inflation is a bitch, and cuts both ways.
So it’s Friday on Week 2 of the motherfucking TRUMPENKRIEG, and as you can tell, I can’t let my schadenfreude go.
Not even a little bit.
I don’t much like Trump, but goddamn just look at his transition team, aimed squarely at three goals:

1) To make his political enemies writhe
2) To reward his stalwart supporters
3) Maybe honestly an earnest attempt to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Jeff Sessions for AG indicates to me that Trump is aiming both barrels at the Liberal Cry Machine through prosecution – I’ve recently wondered if a person could be pardoned by the President without a formal indictment. My guess is we’ll find out sometime between now and January 20. Also, Fast and Furious malfeasance is on the block, along with the aiding and abetting of illegal immigration at all levels of government and the private sector.
Mad Dog Mattis for Secretary of Defense also makes a lot of sense, and bodes ill tidings for ISIS and the Globalist War Engine that wants to take it to the Russians for some horribly inexplicable reason. No more warning leaflets an hour before every drone strike or strafing run, and any military action will probably involve securing American objectives first rather than protecting the interests of terrorists and Europeans, but I repeat myself. Though it’s hard to say for sure. Trump’s pick for Secretary of State will reveal a lot more in this regard.
Myron Ebell for Director of the EPA is designed specifically as a middle finger to tree-hugging faggots from coast to coast, and a pretty good signal that the days of Washington over-regulating the everloving fuck out of American existence will at worst have a timeout for the next four years.
So far I’m enjoying this so fucking much I almost wonder if I’m even still alive.
I still have a post-election recap of thoughts on the numbers, what happened, all of the fraud, and what it means going forward in 2, 4, 6 and 8 years, but I just haven’t had the time yet to set aside and do it proper.
So this is Rivalry Week in Los Angeles, as USC and UCLA will square off tomorrow night. As awful of a year as UCLA has had – with Top Kek taking out their quarterback after his anti-Trump Twitter tirade, I don’t expect much from this game worth watching. USC has gotten much better in the past few weeks, while UCLA is just punching the clock to the point where they can put this miserable waste of a season behind them.
But I’ll watch, like I always do, because that’s what livin’ is – the six inches in front of your face. I’m going to smoke up a pork butt along with grilling up some dogs and burgers for the few people invited over to Casa de Huckleberry, and there will be beers and some various liquors, but truth be told I’m punching about as much of the clock as the rest of the UCLA faithful, just waiting to put this miserable season into the books.
To play you out, enjoy a Friends & Family song selection from my cousin’s rockabilly band.
Have a bitchin’ weekend, get ‘em in where appropriate, and enjoy the weekend, friends.


Mad Marge & The Stone Cutters
Mad Marge and the Stone Cutters
Hairball 8 Records | 2006


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  1. El Borak said, on November 18, 2016 at 14:04

    Crush your enemies
    See them driven before you
    And hear the lamentations of their women.

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