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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on November 25, 2016

So it’s Thanksgiving, or the day after, and while most of the American world has the day off today, I do not, because of this motherfucking project that was supposed to be wrapped up last Spring, but here we are, truckin’ on like a motherfucking diamond in the sun, or something.
But enough of my bitchin’.
Thanksgiving dinner went off well; used the smoker I made for its first Official Holiday Run and the thing worked phenomenally well. Stick burners just turn out better product than charcoal burners, there’s no two ways around that. It kept temp reasonably well, though I did have to tend to it every few hours. The ugly drum has spoiled me in that I can just load it up, light it up and it just does it’s business for however long I need it to.
So in the news I see that the liberal communist, on behalf of the liberal criminal, wants a recount in three states that the liberal cryptocrat won BECAUSE HACKED, so now the liberal communist is $3M richer, and maybe they find evidence of HACKING or ~112,000 ballots marked CLINTON strategically placed throughout the states in question, flipping everything over to HERR CUNTON.
THAT will be a sight to see. If the former, then you get marital law, recriminations, media handwringing, and lawsuits that head all the way up to a divided 4-4 Supreme Court decision. If the latter, well, I expect many bullets to be fired just as strategically by sundown.
I’m fine with either result.
Either Trump will be the next President of the United States of America, or no one will.
Beyond that, it’s been a slow week. Despite my education and pedigree existing in the semi-hard science of journeyman physics and the gelatinously soft science of human philosophy, I’m spending my entire week in the Asperger’s Friendly realm of computer programming, figuring out how to design a test-automation framework that is ridiculously overcomplex and must somehow be complete by the end of the year.
Or maybe I could just look for a new job.
On that note, I’ll leave you to your holiday. I hope you all had a great one, with family, great food, generous libations and some measure of time necessary to appreciate all of it. That last part seems in far too short supply anymore.
Get ‘em in.


Don’t Talk To Strangers
Holy Diver
Vertigo Records | 1983


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  1. El Borak said, on November 25, 2016 at 20:00

    Smoking a duck (first time) and beef short ribs tomorrow, plus grilling some sirloins and other assorted cow parts. So we’ll continue to eat well.

    My old man is convinced that Trump won’t finish a term because the establishment simply won’t allow it. Depending on whether they can steal recounts, we’ll see if he can even start it. Had we not gone 2 weeks of people growing used to president Trump, they might have pulled it off. Now I expect such a result won’t be brought about without soldiers.

    We had Christmas with my family tonight. Since they are down from MN, we do that every year. The lovely and gracious Rogue bought me a nice copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills. So take that for what it’s worth.

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