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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on December 9, 2016

Week’s end is rollin’ up slow, like in one of those early 90s gangster movies or music videos or Arsenio Hall Show appearances, while everyone who’s woke-as-fuck puckers up and prepares for the slow-roll gat blasts. Fun fact: point a pistol normally and it’s a gun; point it sideways in an arching-down motion like you’re having a catastrophic failure of your trapezius muscles, it’s a gat.
We’re a fully armed and operational repository of knowledge here, folks.
It’s been a bit slower lately ‘round here, allowing me to catch up on some stuff, polish off the ol’ resume, and spiff up the ol’ LinkedIn page. And also slapdick together a bunch of shit so haphazardly even I am almost ashamed of it.
Out in the world, despite pushing for three recounts, the Big Green Monster has only managed one, with Michigan and Pennsylvania so far blocked by the courts. And in Wisconsin, nearly 90% of the recount is complete, and Hilary Clinton has made a startling comeback, closing the gap on Donald Trump, with an extra 61 votes added to her count. That’s 61 votes statewide. Just 22,078 or so to go.
So that was money well spent.
Out of the Trump transition team, my favorite moment so far has to be Trump gladhanding Leonardo DiCaprio with a “talk” about green jobs, one of the First Daughters summoning Al Gore to a “discussion” about Global Climate Change(trademark pending) and in less than 24 hours following, he appoints EPA Enemy Number 1 has the new Director of the EPA.
Shitlording +1.
Christmas is coming in hot, just a little less than three weeks away. The lights and decorations are all up around the grounds of Casa De Huckleberry, and despite the mild weather, it feels like the holidays for once. The past few years Christmas has seemed to have come and gone so quick I barely had time to get my pants on.
It feels better this year.
So far.
Anyway, a couple more hours of work, actual work, then to the beers, then to the bourbons, because when it comes to drinkin’ anymore, I’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
Onward, friends, to oblivion.
Have a great weekend.
Get ‘em in.


Bolan’s Crash
At Rope’s End
New Bomb Turks
Epitaph Records | 1996


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  1. El Borak said, on December 9, 2016 at 14:10

    Dude, his pics that matter have been so right wing that the Dems are going to be begging him to appoint a few conservatives for balance.

    Frankly, I expected a little more fight out of the globalists – you know, truckloads of ‘found’ ballots and rogue courts – that sort of thing. Maybe they were just too stunned by it all and didn’t have a plan of action. Apparently they rigged the polls so well they forgot to rig the actual vote.

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