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Good Music FRAIYD

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on January 27, 2017

You can’t spell “FRIDAY” without the letters F, D, R, Y, A, and I.
And that’s a fact.
You can also use those letters to assemble an ol’ timey spelling of the word “FRAYED”.
Fucking Friday.
Here we go.
Looks like I’m going to have to spend a considerable amount of the weekend working a job that will probably disappear when this thing streaks across the sky upon re-entry like the Space Shuttle Columbia did about 14 years ago. Yeah, that was about 14 years ago.
Good Lord.
In the world, I must note that President Trump has accomplished more for the people that elected him than any president of my adult life has managed to accomplish for their entire administrations combined. Love him or hate him, at least he’s doing what he said he was going to do, which is something a president hasn’t done since, probably, Coolidge. The assholes in the back of the room would insist on Kennedy or FDR, but Kennedy got shot and FDR never disclosed his deep desire to connive the country into WWII.
So fuck that noise.
Trump’s opposition and the Press (but I repeat myself) are not going to survive at this pace. Their nervous systems will simply shut down from the panic-induced stress, and they will either succumb to a form of shock, or their cardio-pulmonary systems will shred themselves from the inside-out from constant endocrine agitation.
I’m good with either.
I’m calling this a little short. I’ve still got fuck-tons to get done by end of day, just so I can spend the first sunny Saturday in three months stuck behind a desk.
Have a great weekend and get ‘em in doubletime.


Barrett’s Privateers
The Real McKenzies
Fat Wreck Chords | 2012


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