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Good Music DIRFAY

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on March 3, 2017

So far, I’m enjoying today’s Friday a little bit better than yesterday’s Friday, and with any luck, tomorrow’s Friday will continue the upward trend, so that by this time next week, all seven Fridays will be pretty fucking sweet, and something worth writing home about.
I’ve taken to calling today’s Friday DIRFAY.
Tomorrow’s Friday, probably, will be YARFID.
Sunday’s Friday, I have no fucking clue, but it’ll probably be RAYDIF.
So still hanging in here, the project that won’t day is nearing it’s second attempt at liftoff. Imagine if the NASA team in charge with prepping the final Challenger flight knew in the couple of weeks beforehand that the thing was going to its very best impression of a bottle rocket, and that there was likely nothing you could do to prevent it, but you all were going to go through the motions and push forward and persevere regardless simply because historical momentum demands it, how do you think that crew handles their prep work? With vigor and enthusiasm and sober attention to every detail? Or by not giving a single flying fairy fuck about any of it because the inevitable is absolutely so regardless of your feeble gestures?
If you guessed the former, get the fuck out.
So yes. I still have a job. There was about 36 hours in the past week where that wasn’t assured, but alas.
Let’s drink, now, until the end of creation, because what other rational choice do you have, really?
Get ‘em the fuck in.


Antennas (Let California Fall Into The Fucking Ocean)
Hooligans United: A Tribute To Rancid
Deal’s Gone Bad
Hellcat Records | 2015


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