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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on May 26, 2017

The bad news: we just did this.
The less-bad news: before you can blink, we’ll do this again.
The good news: while we have to perpetually suffer a never-ending state of Friday, we don’t have to suffer through it sober.
God’s mercy, right there.
In other news, I’m so unbelievably busy I think dropping dead would be a bit of a relief. At least there’d be some rest.
And the side gig hasn’t hardly begun yet. Paperwork is signed, and I’m doing some prep work to scope out phase 1 ahead of the project’s early June kickoff.
The things we do in pursuit of financial independence.
In the larger world, it seems every other week brings new fantasies of impeaching Trump, oscillating between the fevered dreams of their conspiracy theories of Russians hacking elections and frothing indignant reproachments of conservatives for wondering aloud if a DNC operative was wacked in a Federal park during a botched bid to prevent the leakage of sensitive emails exposing Team DNC of fraud, electioneering, and numerous high crimes and misdemeanors.
I can’t tell if those frothing reproachments come from a place that hits too close to the truth, or if they simply lead the narrative away from the preferred, science-is-settled-you-inbread-Drumpftards culprit of Rushin Hax.
Also worthy of note is the 4th circuit court of appeals upheld the injunction against Trump’s six-nation travel ban, declaring that Trump’s statements during the campaign render any action he takes on immigration illegitimate, which is an impressive and thorough molestation of the available penumbras, one would think the proceedings belong at a science fiction convention rather than a court of law.
Other bits in this Rorschach Test of our civic decline, two white women made the galling mistake of starting a small business selling burritos and telling a newspaper that they got the tortilla recipe from actual Mexicans. Guess what happened next.
A California State Senate Committee found out this week that providing single-payer universal healthcare would cost the state far more than its annual operating budget, a budget still riddled with furlough closures and enough mafia bookkeeping to make Hoffa weep, wherever he’s buried. And despite this fact, while proudly declaring THERE IS NO FISCAL PLAN TO ACCOMMODATE IT, this State Senate Committee passed the single-payer measure without debate so it can be sent to a floor vote in the State Senate. Guess what happens next.
A bunch of tweens were blowed up exiting a pop concert in the UK, and despite more bodies, and more carnage, and the crumbling of society, the schedule for your replacement must not be hindered in the slightest, because the most dangerous thing in the world is still White Privilege(tm pending), so get used to being blowed up and laid off, not necessarily in that order, Drumpftards.
Time to drink.
Yes, I know.
10 in the AM.
Don’t care.
Have a great weekend, and get ‘em in.


A Symphony Of Violence
cf. 1812 Overture
John Wick 2 Promotional | 2017


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  1. El Borak said, on May 26, 2017 at 19:33

    Get yourself a small side of Smithfield extra tender baby back pork ribs.
    Rub them down with Jack Daniels beef rub.
    Put them in the crock pot, meat side out.
    Pour an 18oz bottle of Stubb’s extra spicy BBQ sauce over them.
    6 hrs on low
    Pull out the bones, eat everything else.

    All is now well with the world.
    You’re welcome.

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