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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on June 9, 2017

YRIDFA once again beckons.
So here we are.
Here we were.
Here we shall ever be.
The difference between a rut and the grave is just a couple of inches.
Which is really no difference at all.
So the erstwhile director of the FBI flamed out over the twilight sky like a barely perceptible shower of meteors, come-and-gone before you even knew what you were looking at, and the one rarely spoken of benefit of a Trump administration is that all of the dirt is likely already known, and near completely ineffective. Past administrations since Hoover have feared the position of FBI Director and treated its occupants with kid gloves, presumably because those previous directors were never shy about orchestrating clandestine shenanigans to attack said administration.
Now that its become clear even to the mouth-breathing, window-licking, pants-wetting retards that Comey and Co. have committed many more high crimes and misdemeanors than Trump and Co. could hope to, maybe this will all quiet down and we can enjoy our summer.
Who am I kidding.
Anyway, off to earn a buck.
Get ‘em in, and have a bitchin’ weekend.


Jamaican Inspector Man
Psych: The Musical
Steve Franks & The Friendly Indians
USA Networks | 2013


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  1. El Borak said, on June 9, 2017 at 18:15

    Liberty Creek merlot, Smithfield ribs, and John Waitling’s amber rum, and f that Comey cuck. Watered the peppers and cukes, and the DU banquet is tomorrow. We are in for 4 years of foam and no beer. Byob and party on, dude.

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