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Sorta Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on July 28, 2017

Another Friday straight down the shitter.
What a waste.
Except, not really.
Spent half the week sick as shit, the other half up to my lymph nodes in work, and I barely had time to notice the news.
While genders may not be fluid, I can say with certainty that the Trump administration absolutely is. It is the very model of fluidity; a viscous fluid that smells vaguely of Hoppes #9 and the broken dreams of an infinite number of reporters bangin’ away on an infinite number of keyboards, in infinitive despair for all of infinity. Or eternity. Whichever they happen upon first.
But alas.
So, to again, I must call it early, because it’s late, so late, and the curtains draw ever more swiftly.
Have a bitchin’ weekend, and get ’em in.
This week’s selection is less about the song and more about the video. It’s a near-perfect example of visual storytelling. Also, mostly, I love the car — 68 Coronet. Beautiful car.


Stand By Me
Kitty Hawk
Ki: Theory
S/P | 2013


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