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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on August 4, 2017

So, considering the future, I’m at a sort of a quandary. What is preferable: farmland, ranchland, mountain/canyon land, or desert land. I suppose it comes down to a balance between self-sufficiency and protection through isolation. Farmland/ranchland can be nearly self-sufficient, but it is also a target, and up the ass currently with petty bureaucracies at every level of municipal engagement. Hiding in the mountains is easier, but so is freezing to death on an empty stomach. I’ve grown up in the desert; the current desert redoubt is out of the way and sits over a portion of the death valley natural aquifer, so water will never be a problem. Food, though, always will be. Couldn’t possibly store enough to make up the difference between prepping and living for any permanent situation; nothing indigenous out there that’s much larger than a jack rabbit, and even those have the good sense to go. On the other end of the valley there’s enough ground vegetation to support a wider variety including sheep and all of the things that love to hunt sheep.
Anyway, still ponderin’.
It’s been abysmally humid here lately. Like east coast flap-sweat humid. The only small sliver of a benefit to this shithole was the weather, but going on the fourth humid-as-fuck summer is leading me to believe the ship is about to set sail on the California Dream, deservedly so.
We’re callin’ it. I’ve got a hammock, some 1792 small batch, and a book on Texas Rangers chasing Comanchie, Kiowa, and assorted outlaws across the Texas plains during Reconstruction.
Let’s call it a weekend, friends.
Get ‘em in, and have a great one.


There’s Destruction In That Land
Demons & Angels
The Reverend Gary Davis
Shanchie Records | 2001


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