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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on September 1, 2017

Supposedly it’s a holiday weekend, but I can’t remember if it’s Memorial Day (did we already pass it?) Fourth of July (no flags, so maybe not) and it’s none of the winter holidays, I know that because it’s just a couple of degrees too hot to believe it could be winter in Southern California.
So I guess its Labor Day, a holiday for communists, but c’mon, every day is a holiday when you’re a communist.
Funemployment guarantees it.
I look upon the manifold disasters in Houston with resigned weariness, checking my earthquake prep both here and out at the Desert Redoubt. The desert is more simple, requiring the storage of a shit-ton of water and food (though a natural aquifer inexplicably exists underneath a portion of the property); there’s nothing to collapse, nothing to explode (no gas lines), and all electric runs underground so it may break but won’t bring death crackling from on high.
The problem, of course, comes from Los Angeles.
The trick will be to successfully run through the following process:
If RUN, Get to Desert Redoubt with minimal provision; prepare to have all LA house valuables looted, and to see incriminating pictures posted to Instatwatter of Black Lives Matter illiterates jeering in triumph from my living room. Getting out of the metropolitan area will be dangerous. In the Northridge earthquake, most of the people who died did so because they drove off freeway overpasses that had portions collapse. I have three escape routes and only one requires any freeway travel, however the other two routes pass over the mountains, and earthquakes fell trees as surely as they fell the works of Man. Nighttime egress is off the table in the event of an earthquake.
If STAY, Ensure enough food and water for several people for at least a couple of weeks, enough wapons/ammunition to fight off Black Lives Matter illiterates who will attempt to break into my living room to post pictures to Instatwatter of their triumphant invasion of my living room. In addition, there are numerous things that can collapse, break, crumble, or otherwise snap, crackle, and pop. Hundreds of brittle water mains across the southland may break, ironically causing flooding as well, in addition to sinkholes. There will be fires. Freeways will collapse. Roads will be blocked with all manner of debris, big and small. The police will not be my friend, and may be more dangerous than the looters.
So there we go.
Anyway, it is in fact a holiday weekend, so I’m knockin’ off a bit early. It’s actually hotter at the LA house than it is out in Death Valley at the moment (114.4 vs 111.8), so I picked a perfect time to stay. Also, UCLA kicks off on Sunday night, so I get to watch them disappoint me at least 12 times this season beginning now.
I’m out. Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em the fuck in, even if that’s all you do.


Banker’s Song
What’s Your Plan For The Wasteland?
The Roughies
S/R | 2015


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  1. El Borak said, on September 1, 2017 at 11:22

    Good plan. We are spending the long weekend with the bugout house at uber-secret bugout location #2. Bugout location #1 is mucho far away, though we could be there within 12 hours if all was well*. Bugout #2 is a fine little bring-your-own-house parcel that would probably only be needed if our local neighborhood nuclear plant blew a radioactive root beer belch toward my house.** But it has a very nice view of the safe end of a hydroelectric dam and pretty decent fishing in the short term. The bugout house carries enough food to ensure that fishing in the short term remains recreational.

    Still, bugging out is never plan a, and I’m quite concerned with Redneck Lives Matter hawking my abandoned gardening tools for an ever-dwindling supply of Ozarks meth. I’m awfully fond of gardening, and even gardening rednecks when I can find them. The ones who don’t garden still compost pretty well, if you know what I mean.

    * Of course, if all was well, why would I need a bugout location?
    ** That’s about the only thing that could drive me out, I think. My helpful weather app informs me that Irma is presently 3654 miles from me, moving WNW at 12 MPH. So we’ve got some time there.

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