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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on October 6, 2017

What a shitty, horrible, piece of garbage lit on fire week this has been, both out there and in here.
Usually September is a motherfucker, but this year, the first week of October paid that bill in spades, like it was a fucking Great Leap Year Forward or something.
Still working.
Will knock off in a few, head out to the back deck with the appropriate beverage(s), pop the Dodger game on the radio, and drink my way out as I always do.
You know how I say that it was a false flag and things don’t add up and you can’t trust anything they say and it’s all a conjob and we’re all gonna die?
Still true, more now than ever.
Sorry to keep cutting these short, but the plates just won’t spin themselves.
Have a great one, and for God’s sake, get ’em in, if its all you do.


Girl On LSD
You Don’t Know How It Feels (B-Side)
Tom Petty
Warner Bros. | 1994


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