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Good Music Friday – Decisions, Decisions Edition

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on February 2, 2018

I took the counter-offer to stay with the current employer for a lot more money, working from my home office three days a week, and a better title.
I should of tried the free ice cream machine at the prospective employer while I had the chance.
I’m not going to lie, it feels like a bit of a letdown to not actually be escaping leaving, but it is no small feat that effective this week, I’m making nearly double what I was last week for doing the exact same job.
And as a bonus, I may just get out of this shithole yet.
So #THEMEMO dropped just a little while ago. It basically makes clear what the honest amongst us always suspected — that the Clinton Machine, in conjunction with a fully armed and operational O Force One, are as crooked as 20 miles of Grand Canyon switchbacks, and somehow inexplicably dirtier.
So while it paints a stark picture of the criminal level of corruption used to, ahem, interfere with an election, I have to wonder at the provenance of it all.
The only way this makes sense for Clinton Co. to unleash is if it were deployed in enough time to sway the electorate. Yet for whatever reason, Clinton Co. half-heartedly tried to pitch it to an uncharacteristically uninterested media machine that hasn’t shown such a level of restraint since the Eisenhower era.
This feels like a setup.
Someone, somewhere, set up Clinton Co. for a wicked aikido move here, and it done boomeranged good.
Still, no one who deserves it will spend even a moment in jail, or prefereably, a gas chamber, because that is not the world we live in. In fact, operationally, I don’t expect much to change in the near term. The quixotic Russia probe will trundle onward, ever onward; the media and the left will simply pretend this changes nothing and trundle ever onward as well.
On a more granular level, I notice that the decline is still rolling under its own inertia, civic gravity being what it is and all. Crime is up here, homelessness is way up. I’ve discovered that the mayor of Los Angeles, a putz who’s father couldn’t convict OJ, the Rodney King cops, or the Menedez Brothers the first two times, has essentially weaponized the homeless and engineered a clever shell game to inflict them on the neighborhoods that didn’t vote for him.
It works like this.
The homeless in LA used to live downtown on a number of “skid rows.” Few noticed, because no one goes to downtown after sundown. In the past 18 months, the LAPD have been rounding up all of those homeless for sleeping on the street, then taking them to one of 5 newly appointed “homeless judicial processing centers” where they are booked for vagarancy then let out in the targeted neighborhood. Upon release, the homeless are told not to go back downtown, but to stay in the neighborhood they are released in. By doing so, they will not be harrassed or arrested by the police.
Barely a year and a half later, all of those neighborhoods are drowning in homeless people, including my own.
Nothing is ever an accident.
Not ever.
So I’m out.
I bought a bottle of Russell’s Reserve to celebrate, and I’m just about off to do that.
Have a bitchin’ weekend, and if you do nothing else, get ’em the fuck in.
Oh, yeah, there’s a super bowl being played in Minnesota of all places this Sunday, between two detestable teams in a year where I can barely stand the NFL at all anyway.
If I were a betting man, I’d say the Eagles cover the 5 points, and while this shit’s rigged not quite so bad as United States political machinations, its still rigged.
So the Patriots will probably win and backdoor cover, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.


Run Johnny, Run
Crazy In The Head
Three Bad Jacks
Boston Krown | 2005


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