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Good Music Friday – Waitin’ On The PoPo Edition

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on February 9, 2018

First week with the perk of formally working from home 3 days.
Damn has it been nice.
I think I made the right call.
On the downside, I had to buy a USB headset to teleconference into all of the meetings I was hoping to escape. That one backfired a bit.
But still, I reckon I’m shooting under PAR still, so let’s not count us out yet.
What has been going on in the news? I don’t even pay attention anymore. Every local news channel is wall-to-wall weaponized Trump Derangement Syndrome, and utterly useless. Its mostly 20 minutes of angry immigrants marching and complaining about something new each and every day.
Viva de oro estado.
In the past week, I’ve had to chase out a hobo camp from the hill behind my property. They wouldn’t budge until I came out with the Marlin, told ’em I had a permit to shoot coyotes, but if I miss, I miss. They packed up and took off, but I’m expecting a visit from the PD any time now, because the only people who have rights around here are the transients and the immigrants, unless the immigrants have been here for a while, in which case they can fuck off and die as well, as far as the powers that be are concerned.
Ok, so I’m out. Going to try to front load a bunch of my work so I can knock off about 14:30 local and get started on the weekend.
Get ’em in and have a great one.


Don’t Hang Up
Single A Side
The Orlons
Cameo-Parkway Records | 1962


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