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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on February 16, 2018

It’s becoming more and more difficult to take the world at face-value anymore.
If you were to take the world at face-value, at least for the past 48 hours, you’d be expected to accept the contra-positive positions that the mentally ill should be indulged completely, so long as the illness manifests as a prediliction for transvestitism and engagement in carnal acts that by definition preclude procreation; but if the bastard instead wants to waive a gun around, well, that’s you’re problem now, fundies. You would also be expected to accept the contra-positive facts that the shooter, who’s adopted name is Cruz and who’s skin is six shades darker than anything you’d see at a Klan rally (you know, if it were still 1975), is conveniently an ALTRIGHTSHITBAGNEONAZINEOWHITEPRIDE guy despite his social media accounts bursting with images of hammers and cicles in a very specific arrangment meant, surely, to harken back to the halcion days of the Cold War Soviet Utopia.
AR-15s, apparently, are a scourge on The Body.
I accept nothing anymore.
I expect every single thing I am told from here on out is a lie, because all the evidence points that way, here in a world that can no longer reasonably be taken at face-value. And actually, this isn’t that hard to do really. Once I pretty much eliminated television and radio from the equation, I’ve had a pretty decent time the past few months just living my damn life.
The only reason I even found out about the shooting is that someone told me about it in that VERY CONCERNED WAY THAT ONLY GOOD, CONCERNED PEOPLE SEEM TO HAVE, BECAUSE WHY WON’T YOU INBRED HICKS JUST THINK OF THE CHILDREN ALREADY?
I’m callin’ it, ever early. Somewhere is a now-and-future empty glass just waiting for me, and then its on to the weekend, then another week, so on and so forth, until the last stretch of road is run and we’re off to better things.
Until that day, then.
Get ’em in, friends.


Had Me A Girl
The Early Years – Vol. 1
Tom Waits
Bizzare Records | 1991


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