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Good Music Friday — Come And Take Them Edition

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on February 23, 2018

Once more into the Friday, my friends!
If I didn’t know better, I’d a sworn we’ve done this a time or two before.
Yes, yes, I know, that’s the talk of lunatics and dilettantes, but hey, Current_Year(FTW).
Between two gigs I’ve worked about 30 hours in the past day, but don’t bother checking my math on that. The lost hours are simply a mathematical abtsraction of quantum mechanics, and let’s be real, you can’t put Baby in a corner, all the way down to the strings.
Soon enough.
I have made a decision, though. Every time I see some loathsome cunt of a muppet on TV screaming about ending school shootings through “gun control” because ENUFFZENUFF, I’m buying another 80% lower. By my tally, I need to buy about 36 of them now, and that’s sad BECAUSE I AVOID TV LIKE THE PLAGUE, and yet, here we are.
A few more hours of work, including server setup and automated someflubberty and then there’s a bottle callin’ my name.
Have a great weekend.


Mutate With Me
Plastique Valentine
The Humpers
Epitaph Records | 1997


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